A gunman shot and killed three people before being killed during a confrontation with police in Farmington, New Mexicoon Monday, authorities say.

Two officers are in the hospital after being injured in the shooting, and there may be additional civilian casualties, Farmington Police Department said in a statement.

The identities of the victims and the gunman, and the location of the shootings, have not yet been confirmed.

Police have asked the public to avoid the area of ​​Dustin Avenue between Ute Street and Apache Street while they continue to investigate.

The two officers, from the Farmington Police Department and New Mexico State Police, are in stable condition at San Juan Regional Medical Center police said.

Officers from the Farmington Police Department, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office and New Mexico State Police are investigating the “active shooter” incident.

Farmington Municipal Schools placed all of its students under preventive lockdown at 11:15 a.m. following a request from police.

The cordon was lifted at 1:05 p.m., the school district said in an update on Facebook.

A large police presence in Farmington, New Mexico, where at least four people, including a gunman, were killed on Monday

(Twitter/Larry Jacquez)

“At this time, the details we have are that multiple officers from the Farmington Police Department were involved in an officer involved shooting,” the Farmington Police Department said in a statement.

“One suspect was confronted and killed at the scene. The suspect’s identity is unknown and there are no other known threats at this time.

“Two officers were shot, one from the Farmington Police Department and one from the New Mexico State Police, both currently at San Juan Regional Medical Center being treated for their injuries and in stable condition.

“There are several civilian casualties with at least three deceased.”

Police confirmed shortly before 2pm that they did not believe there was a second shooter and that all lockdowns had been lifted.

Local resident Larry Jacquez posted a video on his Facebook page showing a large police presence on an unidentified Farmington street.

Unconfirmed reports from a 911 caller stated that the shooting occurred in front of a church and that at least 50 shots were fired, according to a NewsNation Reporter.