Johnson is best known for voicing Ellie herself in The Last of Us video games.

the finale of The end of us is being brought to the attention of fans. The last episode brought a wave of emotions that is troubling many. Joel and Ellie face their worst fears over the course of eight episodes and are closer to their destination than ever before. After facing one injury after another, the last episode of “When We Needed” gave them the ultimate test of survival as well as a way out of their abuse. And while we probably know what to expect, there are some things the series has yet to answer.

Promotional materials for the series teased Ellie’s voice actor in the games from the start, Ashley Johnson, to play Ellie’s mother in the series. But he didn’t appear in any episodes, as we now know he was saved for the finale. HBO just released the first look from the finale. The painting, titled “Anna,” sees a heavily pregnant Johnson jogging through the woods. It is worth noting that Merle Dandridge is the only actor cast to play his original character, Marlene. Troy BakerVoiced by Joel seen as James in the last episode of the games.

Will the finale explain the origin of Ellie’s immunity?

As with everything in the series, co-authors Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin They are trying to build Ellie’s immunity to cordyceps to science. The opening episode revealed a Cordyceps infection with the help of several scientists talking about it, and now Ellie’s immunity seems to be connected to her mother’s tragedy. The upcoming episode may also reveal how Marlene knows about Ellie. None of these plot points were covered in the original games, so seeing them unfold on screen will be a whole new journey.

Ashley Johnson
Image via HBO

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Pre-disclosed Episode 9 trailer Fans have already seen several photos of Johnson being attacked by the clique, and seeing her appear in an episode could break fans’ hearts even more. The end of us did a great job of sticking to its source material while exploring characters and exploring stories not covered in the games. Although Season 1 was set in an apocalyptic world, it mostly focused on the horrors that humans could face, and it definitely caught the attention of fans. Moral ambiguities, gray shades of characters, and a love of violence were some of the themes of the series that could compel you. And all of this will be wrapped up in the upcoming season finale.

Our last The season finale airs on Sunday, March 12. Watch the finale teaser below.