Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

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Marc Skinner is so excited! The United manager congratulates his victorious players and leads the attack against the Unbited fans by sending them kisses as they leave. His team had a great performance tonight, picking up Arsenal’s offense early in the second half, dominating the final 15 minutes and winning the game by two late goals. A huge result for United, which is on par with Arsenal in points but second in goal difference.

End of match: Arsenal 2-3 Manchester United

peep! peep! eeeeeeeeeeee It all came to an end at the Emirates Stadium, where Manchester United won a tense match. Arsenal’s 14-game WSL winning streak came to an abrupt end in front of their own fans.

90+8 minutes: Russo rushes the ball towards the corner flag to extend time. He loses only for Viv Miedema to give. Katie McCabe is shown the yellow card for a foul on Ella Toone. Arsenal substitution: Beth Mead is replaced by 16-year-old Michelle Agyemang.

90+7 minutes: Arsenal awarded a free kick with approximately 40 yards from United. With an extremely high streak, the United defense and Beth Mead’s delivery are clearly led by a back-pedaling defender.

90+5 minutes: Arsenal substitution: Jonas Eidevall sends Jennifer Beattie to throw her forward. Caitlin Ford was removed from the game.

90+4 min: There’s a break in the game as the Steards try to catch a young field invader.

90+3 min: United regained the lead in seven minutes of extra time. Minutes before Russo took the lead with a single five-pointer, Arsenal goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger made a second sensational save within minutes, blocking Martha Thomas, who has truly been a handful since she arrived.

AIM! Arsenal 2-3 Manchester United (Russo 90+1)

Scenes! Alyssia Russo takes off from Katie Zelem’s excellent corner and gives a downward header into the bottom corner. Where was Arsenal pointing?!?!?!

Manchester United's Alessia Russo (second from right) celebrates after her teammates score their third goal of the match.
Manchester United’s Alessia Russo (second from right) celebrates after her teammates score their third goal of the match. Photo: Zac Goodwin/PA

90 minutes: Now United get closer! Martha Thomas makes a great cross from the right into the Arsenal box and Lucia Garcia makes the connection. Zinsberger saves great, but Garcia should have done better.

89 minutes: Beth Mead makes a great cross from the right into the United penalty area, but Caitlin Ford is in no condition to go home with a header.

88 minutes: While a draw is probably a fair outcome, there is still time for both sides to find a winner. Whatever the outcome, United will feel aggrieved as they were denied a penalty for what seemed like a pretty clear halftime penalty for McCabe’s push against Parris.

AIM! Arsenal 2-2 Manchester United (Turner 85)

United equalizes! From the free kick, Zelem made a great shot into the uncertainty lane and Millie Turner headed home from the crossbar about two yards away.

Millie Turner from Manchester United scored her team's second goal.
Millie Turner from Manchester United scored her team’s second goal. Photo: Harriet Lander/Getty Images
Millie Turner of Manchester United celebrates scoring her second goal with her teammates.
Then he celebrates with his teammates. Photo: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters

83 minutes: Manchester United continue their search for an equalizer against an unrecognized Arsenal side from their faded imitations struggling in the first half. After a foul by Lotte Mubben-Woy, they were awarded a free kick from a good position.

80 minutes: Manchester United substitutions: Nikita Parris was removed from the game before being kicked out and retired to the bench in an extremely fed up manner. Martha Thomas takes her place. Parris had a good game but his fight with Katie McCabe was so intense that he risked a second penalty.

79 minutes: A silly, kamikaze high pass from Manchester United’s Katie Zelem to own goal sits nicely for Beth Mead from the close post. He heads for the bar, keeping Zelem from blushing.

76 minutes: Nikita Parris, already on the yellow card, delivers disaster to Beth Mead with a meaty but ultimately fair “challenge.” He had just passed the ball and his momentum rattled forward from behind Arsenal, blasting him into the air.

AIM! Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United (Wienroither 74)

Arsenal took the lead! Laura Wienroither scored her first goal for Arsenal and smashed a spectacular volley into a far post after a terrific mid-range from Katie McCabe. This is a great goal!

Arsenal's Laura Wienroither (center right) rejoices after giving the home team lead.
Arsenal’s Laura Wienroither (center right) rejoices after giving the home team lead. Photo: Zac Goodwin/PA

73 minutes: United are attacking from the right from the inside but Alessia Russo’s middle is widening and the middle is clear.

71 minutes: Manchester United substitution: Leah Galton limps and is replaced by Lucia Garcia.

70 minutes: Now Manchester United winger Leah Galton is down and making stops to get treatment for cramps.

69 minutes: Mead looks good. The game continues. Ella Toone’s pullback from the signature line to Nikita Parris doesn’t return her to her intended goal, and a promising Manchester United attack is disrupted.

68 minutes: Beth Mead falls to the ground with a head injury after accidentally putting her knee on Hannah Blundell’s head. Referee Kirsty Dowle stopped the game so that the English national player could be treated.

64 minutes: Arsenal advance. Caitlin Ford hits the ball on the left flank. The Australian player steps in and tries to throw a curler towards the far post, but his shot is blocked at the source.

62 minutes: Earps received enlistment leave and punched Ella Toone in the upper court. After a period of pressure, United won a throw-in deep into the Arsenal zone. Nothing comes out of it.

Emirates joining time: 40.064. It’s not shabby at all.

60 minutes: Mary Earps comes to fetch a ball sometime and looks like she hurt herself on the way down. The game was interrupted because she was treated for her right knee, she.

59 minutes: Arsenal substitution: Jordan Nobbs replaces Vivienne Miedema.

56 minutes: Leah Galton neutralizes Frida Maanum with a pretty spectacular blocking as the Arsenal midfielder tries to break into the United penalty area from the right.

54 minutes: Manchester United manager Marc Skinner is shown the yellow card for dissent after he complained at length about the referee’s impunity for Caitlin Foord’s foul on Nikita Parris. He was right as it was a pretty tough fight that definitely hovered around the edges of “accident free”.

52 minutes: Ella Toone clears the ball with a loose pass from deep in her own half. Blackstenius jumps for Arsenal, takes the ball in his right foot and shoots over the post. Arsenal players must have gotten a kick out of their manager Jonas Eidelvall at halftime because they started the second half with an intensity and vigor that was marked by their absence in the first half.

50 minutes: A few minutes after the second kick-off, the Arsenal goalkeeper was short-sold with a back pass, but he reacted quickly enough to clear the ball and avoid disaster. I think it was Alessia Russo waiting to attack.

47 minutes: There was a lot of luck with that equalizer, but United’s defense was shocking. Frida Maanum was given a free run around the world’s defenses and shot from the edge of the penalty area. The ball deflected badly from Maya Le Tissier, making a loop in the air and going over the head of goalkeeper Mary Earps before falling under the crossbar. aqll square in Emirates.

AIM! Arsenal 1-1 Manchester United (Maanum 46)

Arsenal equalizes! My word, they don’t look lifeless anymore!

Arsenal's Frida Maanum (centre) celebrates after teammate Lotte Wubben-Moy has brought the home team back on the same level.
Arsenal’s Frida Maanum (centre) celebrates after teammate Lotte Wubben-Moy has brought the home team back on the same level. Photo: Zac Goodwin/PA

Second half: Arsenal 0-1 Manchester United

46 minutes: United rolled the ball for the second half with no changes in personnel on either side after the timeout. Arsenal had only one shot on goal in the first half and looked absolutely lifeless.

Halftime: Arsenal 0-1 Manchester United

peep! Kirsty Dowle ended the first half with a surprise lead from Manchester United. Not more than they deserve and they may be upset that they didn’t get any further. Shortly after taking advantage of a Zinsberger error to take Ella Toone to the next level, Manchester United should have taken a penalty for fouling Nikita Parris with Katie McCabe.

45 minutes: It’s an intriguing fight and the winner on this occasion Nikita Parris defeats Kate McCabe on the right as Arsenal send a looping cross deep into the penalty area. Zinsberger comes for the ball, catches it and drops it before squeezing it into his chest on his second try. The Austrian goalkeeper isn’t playing one of his better games.

44 minutes: Perhaps annoyed at not getting this punishment, Nikita Parris hugs Katie McCabe for a pretty tough challenge. Beth Mead takes a free kick from the left, but her kick is atrocious. She raises her hand to apologize to her teammate.

42 minutes: A neat penalty kick from Manchester United was rebuffed when Katie McCabe pushed Nikita Parris off the ball in the Arsenal box. I’ve seen what’s given and not given in the Premier League in recent weeks. For me, Clive, that’s definitely a penalty. I would like to remind you that there is no VAR overseeing this match.

40 minutes: Her movement may have been restricted due to a previous injury, but Manuela Zinsberger got a shock there. She comes in to clear a cross from the right, completely missing the ball, and Ella Toone is in the right place at the right time to volley home from about seven yards.