Nock is a fast-paced physical football game with a bow and arrow. We’ve taken the time to level up Nock specifically for PS VR2. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made to the game.

Visual elements of the highest level

Running at 90Hz at the highest resolution without foveation and re-projection, Nock looks better than ever on PS VR2. Clear, clean geometry and bright colors that will please your eyes. It’s quite a cute sight.

Experience the action with the PS VR2 headset

Knock is a physical sport, and now you can feel every hit of the ball on your headset. In the fast-paced game of Nock, if you take your eyes off the ball, you could be on the wrong side of a knockout.

Camera for spectators

Using the power of the PS5, we can create a second camera. With a variety of camera options, it’s perfect for streaming or for friends and family to watch you dominate the pitch.

As a bonus for our PS VR2 players, we’re giving away a season pass with every purchase. This pass is your ticket to unlocking over 30 skins, bows and blocks as you progress through the game.

Last but not least, Nock supports cross-play with all major VR platforms. So, no matter what your friends are playing, you can take part in the game together.

This is just the beginning. We really can’t wait to see you there.

Arrows and football crossover in multiplayer sports title Nock, coming to PS VR2 on May 25