The highly anticipated animated film is less than a month away from its release. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Versewhich means we get new trailers, clips, and interviews with the cast and director, teasing us about what we need to see.

One question was answered by the director of the film. Camp Powers, about the film’s possible ties to the larger MCU. in a recent interview with SFXPowers clarified:

“Miles Morales and the world of Spider-Verse, it’s not connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or anything like that. But it’s a Lord and Miller movie. We like to have a little fun, we like to be a little bit. to acknowledge the meta and the world we’re creating these stories in. That’s the best way to explain it.”

The confession he’s referring to comes in the movie’s second trailer, in which Spider-Man 2099 mentions to Miles that he didn’t even want to start Doctor Strange and That Little Nerd on Earth 199999.

Although Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness Labeling the MCU as Earth-616, Earth-199999 is the definitive comic book label for the live-action franchise. This led many to believe that Spider-Man 2099 was a direct reference to the events of 2021. Spider-Man: No Way Homesaw Tom HollandPeter Parker hacked the Multiverse to hide his identity.

This Doctor Strange namerop looks like it’s from 2004 Spiderman 2it mentions the Sorcerer Supreme in an interview with J. Jonah Jameson. Spiderman 2This tease didn’t amount to anything, as it was just a fun nod to Marvel Comics. Spider across the verseSo could the Doctor Strange line.

Powers continued:

“It’s not something we’ve done together with Marvel. Miles’ universe, trust me, has a lot to work with. This gag is one of many, and my favorite gag is one that people don’t know yet. But. O’ I think they’ll be surprised when they see it, it’s a serious movie, but it’s also a really fun movie.”

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse It hits theaters on June 2. Are you excited about it?

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