One Arnold SchwarzeneggerHolland’s most famous film roles in the original 1987 sci-fi action film Beast. This movie franchise should have been much more successful than it was. Most of the subsequent films were very weak with the last ones Predators and Beast trying to recreate the spirit of the original film. Then came the movie Baitdid something completely new and different with this franchise and it turned out great!

But before the film’s release, Schwarzenegger was disillusioned with the sequels that the studios were releasing, and he openly said that he didn’t like any of them. And he believes the reason is studio greed.

In the 2015 question and answer session, a Terminator Genisys preview screening (via THR ), Schwarzenegger said:

“The sad thing is, sometimes studios do a great job with making sequels and sometimes they do really bad, and it’s all about greed. You know, sometimes they do it so cheaply that there’s so much they want to make money. As much as possible, they don’t hire the right actor or the right director. . . . It’s a stupid move.”

According to Schwarzenegger, “No Beast movie to date has satisfied audiences, regardless of what they’ve done since the first one.” Years later Bait was released and many fans said it was the best since the original Predator movie.

Now, at the same time, the action star wanted to act Beast 2. Schwarzenegger was originally supposed to return to the franchise, but he and the studios were never able to come to an agreement, and it was due to Schwarzenegger’s own greed. during a previous interview with collider, manufacturer John Davis found that the transaction did not exceed $250,000. He explained:

“The sequel to the first one rebooted it. Arnold should have been in the movie. The contract is over $250k, which is a shame. But he was moved from the forest to the city.”

Danny Glover starred in Predator 2 and you know what? It was actually a decent sequel. I like it! However, Schwarzenegger’s return would have done well at the box office, as there’s no doubt that fans would love to see him back in action after the events of the first film.

In the end, the franchise has had an interesting ride that could have been better movies if better creative decisions had been made over the years. But, here we are and now fans are waiting for the Prey sequel.