Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

I LOVE Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Arkham Horror CollectionI MAYBE need to repeat this. I LOVE COLLECTING Arkham Horror: The Card Game with the intention of playing it in the future. Yes, it’s all unopened. BUT, to be honest, I played the Core Set four times in its entirety, as well as the first two scenarios in Dunwich. Yes, I have a problem. If I were a character in Arkham Horror, my initial weakness would be FOMO.

Enough about me. There have been two interesting developments in the AH LCG world over the past month.

First, MJ is moving away from game development and FFG has brought in Duke Harrist (host) and Nick Corey to take over the reins. Don’t worry! They’ve both scripted in the past, with Nick creating the much-loved standalone adventure Murder at the Excelsior Hotel. Looks like the game will be in good hands. For questions and answers with Duke and Nick, click here.

Secondly, while integrating your new Crimson Springs investigators and patiently waiting for the campaign to arrive, a new standalone adventure has been announced. His name is… Fortune and Stupidity. The premise sounds incredible – it’s about planning and executing a heist at a Monte Carlo casino. Like all standalone adventures, this can be added to any campaign as a side story. But what might make Fortune and Folly stand out is that FFG has promised that there will be “a couple of extra features if used as a side story in The Scarlet Keys campaign!” No further details were provided.

If you want to know more about Fortune and Folly, click here. The release is scheduled for April 2023.

Brian’s love of board games was rekindled when he discovered Puerto Rico in 2005. Now he enjoys playing worker placement, building decks, playing dice, and playing co-op with his main playmate, his wife.