Want to know when the Ark 2 release date is? Ever since Ark 2 was announced at The Game Awards 2020, we’ve been eagerly waiting to learn more about the upcoming dinosaur-themed survival game. Based on two cinematic trailers and additional information from the Studio Wildcard development team, it’s clear that Ark 2 will feature a unique story, improved game mechanics, and (of course!) a T-Rex.

Ark 1 has established itself as one of the best survival gamesbut only time will tell if Ark 2 can make our list the best computer games. From Ark 2’s release date to its platforming, soul-like combat, and mod support; here’s everything we know about the Ark sequel.

Ark 2 - Two people are walking along a cliff with a strange sight in front of them.  Pterosaurs fly around, and you can see larger dinosaurs eating grass.

Ark 2 release date speculation

There is currently no final release date for Ark 2. Although the Ark sequel was originally scheduled for 2022, it was pushed back to 2023. This release window was confirmed in the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 cinematic trailer.

At this point, any talk of a specific Ark 2 release date is pure speculation. However, with the Xbox trailer and Bethesda Games Showcase yet to reveal any gameplay, it’s unlikely to happen before late 2023. Like the original Ark game, it’s entirely possible that Ark 2 could be released in early access first.

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Ark 2 Trailers

So far we’ve seen two cinematic trailers, both featuring Vin Diesel as the protagonist Santiago. In the first trailer, Santiago’s small community (including his daughter) is ambushed by huge orc-like monsters. The situation seems pretty dire, but Santiago is handling it well… Until a T-Rex joins the fray. As both orcs and humans fall victim to the giant dinosaur, Santiago manages to grab his daughter and find safety in a nearby cave.

In the second trailer, Santiago’s daughter discovers the world of Arata, where “every day is a struggle for survival.” We see the Dodo, a larger dinosaur, and then… the T-Rex again. This time the T-Rex is tamed by Santiago and his daughter.

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Ark 2 gameplay

Although we have yet to see Ark 2 gameplay footage, Studio Wildcard has already revealed a few details about key aspects of the game. First of all, the sequel uses a third-person perspective and a redesigned control system. This includes parkour-like movement skills and soulful battle. Looks like we can expect a lot of dodges and blocks.

We were also promised a World Event system that triggers unique events; not just around your character’s location, but throughout the world of Ark 2. Additionally, there will be a new creature management system, component-based item creation, and an improved crafting system with much more capabilities than the original Ark.

As expected, Ark 2 will feature multiplayer and PvP combat. While there have been rumors of a solo campaign mode, we haven’t seen any official news about it. Of course, PvE combat still plays a big role, but not just against dinosaurs: in Ark 2, you’ll have to deal with the hostile Aratai aliens, who will use their own tamed dinosaurs.

Ark 2 Release Date: A humanoid monster with orc-like features and the skull of a horned creature.  He wears bone armor.

Ark 2 platforms and mod support

Ark 2 will initially be released exclusively for the Xbox Series X/S console. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one, including PC Game Pass. Note that there is still a chance that the game will make it to PlayStation, but at this point we don’t know how long the Xbox exclusivity window will last.

Wildcard Studios also confirms that the game will be fully stacked, user-generated modswith support mod.io. This means that anything can be added, improved or redesigned for both PC and console players. In addition to mods, Ark 2 will likely receive some DLC content just like its predecessor.

Ark 2 Release Date: A man who looks like Vin Diesel swings a spear to fight a dinosaur.

Ark 2 story

The trailers don’t reveal much about Ark 2’s story, but we do know that it takes place after the events of Genesis: Part 2, which is Ark: Survival Evolved’s final DLC. Long story short (beware of spoilers!), the DLC ended with the destruction of the Genesis Ship, sending a clone of Santiago to a new planet. We assume that this planet is none other than the world of Arat.

Why Vin Diesel in “Ark 2”?

Let’s take a closer look at Vin Diesel’s role shall we? As the trailers have shown, Vin Diesel is playing a heroic character in Ark 2, but that’s not all. As an avid gamer and fan of Ark: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard decided to bring Vin on board as an executive producer. More specifically, Vin Diesel is joining the production team as president of Creative Convergence.

While we don’t know the exact extent of Diesel’s involvement, he did mention that he’s “excited to be joining the Studio Wildcard team to develop the story.” This suggests that he is working on the story of the game and possibly something else.

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That wraps up the Ark 2 release date information. While we all wait for news on the upcoming sequel, why not try some of these the best Ark Survival Evolved mods get the most out of the original? We have several suggestions for best games about dinosaurs on PC if you absolutely can’t wait for Ark 2’s release date but still want to get up close and personal with the massive prehistoric beasts.