War of the Ring: Against the ShadowReleased in late 2022, War of the Ring: The Card Game was an immediate hit with Tolkien fans. Designed by Ian Brody, this card game has translated the essence of the epic war for Middle-earth into a faster card game. As much as I love the War of the Ring games, I don’t always have the 3-4 hours that this game requires. However, a new card game definitely helps scratch that itch in no time. We here at BGQ HQ loved this title so much that we even gave it our Best Card Game of 2022 award.

Ever since the game was announced, fans have been asking for a way to play the game solo. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t possible… until now. Today, publisher Ares Games announced the first expansion for War of the Ring: The Card Game.

War of the Ring: Against the Shadow

This expansion, called Against the Shadow, allows you to play not only alone, but also in cooperation. From the news release:

“Its first expansion…allows players to experience an adventure alone or together. The player(s) will control the Free Peoples using the normal rules and cards included in The War of the Ring Card Game.

Automated players control shadow decks that completely replace the cards included in the core set and are designed for solo/co-op play. Combined with a simple flow chart, the new Shadow decks provide a challenging challenge for one or two players.”

Against the Shadow will be presented to the public for the first time at UK Games Expo 2023 (June 2-4, Birmingham). It should be released in September 2023. Hopefully we’ll see it release Gen Con 2023. I’m excited to try it out.