The official Apex Legends board game comes from Glass Cannon Unplugged and Genuine Entertainment in collaboration with EA and Respawn. The Kickstarter for the game will launch on May 17th.

Apex Legends: The Board Game is a competitive tactical game for 2-4 players, although you can play with more people with planned expansions. You’ll take on the role of a Legend (four different Legends are included in the base box) and attempt to eliminate other players or teams over the course of a roughly 60-minute play session.

The board or exact format of the game has not yet been revealed, although the press release promises that the tactical game takes place in a “fully immersive, 3D environment taken directly from the screen”. Just like in the video game, each legend will have unique abilities and access to limited resources that they collect as they play.

The four legendaries included in the base set are Wraith, Gibraltar, Bloodhound and Bangalore. More Legends and a line of modular maps will be available in add-ons and expansions as part of the content roadmap for the tabletop adaptation. Which maps and legends will be added and when is yet to be announced.

Glass Cannon Unplugged, a new board game studio comprised of industry veterans who previously created Frostpunk board game, which launched a Kickstarter last year. He is also working on the Dying Light board game.

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