Ballistic looks deadly but stylish.

There have been rumors about this for a long time Apex Legends rumors that the next playable character to be added to the game is called Ballistic, and a recent leak on the Apex subreddit showed off some previously unknown models that show the character in a way we haven’t seen before. Although this supposed leak can always be fabricated, Insider games claims that they have been able to “confirm that the images leaked online are legitimate”.

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The leakage, as shown below, displays various ballistic models, and all appear to be additional skins for the character, and none of them are his standard outfit. All of them are different from the previous ones leakage a few months ago, which featured him in a more industrial strappy outfit that better matches Apex Legends’ usual art design.

Ballistic leaks

From left to right, these skins look like a more traditional military warlord, a pink Miami Vice outfit with gold belts, and something of a simple gentleman. It is understood that at the time of this leak, the military equipment had not yet been painted. The themes of these skins all coincide with what is rumored to be the character’s backstory, which is that he is an arms dealer and has some direct connection to the Apex Game.

His previously revealed abilities also fit his story pretty well. His passive ability reportedly allows him to carry a third weapon without attachments, his tactical ability allows him to fire a bullet that, upon hitting an enemy, causes the weapon to overheat when fired. If the gun reaches a certain degree of heat, the enemy takes damage.

Finally, his ultimate gives allies and himself faster reloads, faster movement speed, and unlimited reloadable ammo. Additionally, his third weapon upgrades to gold.

It’s currently unclear when Ballistic will air, but most assume it’s season 17, which makes sense given how much information has already surfaced about it. Titled Revelry, Season 16, which launched just two weeks ago, did not feature a new legend, which was unusual given the game’s track record. However, it doesn’t seem to have affected engagement, as actually after the launch of the Apex Legends season broke down its simultaneous players record steam.

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