Some Apex Legends players are asking Respawn Entertainment to take action against cheaters and permanently ban those using multiple hacks.

The Apex Legends the community asked developer Respawn Entertainment to fix a major cheat issue that was affecting the game as some hackers were ruining the overall experience for other players. Cheaters have plagued most multiplayer games for years, but a recent wave of hackers Apex Legends caused controversy as videos began to appear online.

16th season Apex Legends brought a number of new features when it launched on February 14. Although this new season did not feature a new legend for the first time in four years, Respawn Entertainment reworked the entire class system in Apex Legends 16th season to give each role a unique gameplay advantage. Respawn has implemented Team Deathmatch mode, a long-requested feature where the first team to get 30 kills wins the round, and Apex Legends Season 16 also came with a brand new battle pass and cosmetic rewards.


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In a Reddit post highlighting a new hack that’s disrupting Apex Legends matches for several weeks, players asked Respawn Entertainment take action against Apex Legends hackers to address this serious fraud problem. So that fraudsters do not return indefinitely, Apex Legends players want Respawn to ban them from the hardware, a solution already used in multiplayer games such as Valorant and Call of Duty. While this solution isn’t perfect and can still be countered, hardware bans are more effective than traditional bans, which players can counter by logging into a different account.

In addition to scammers using several hacks at once, such as the infamous aimbot or wallhack, recently Apex Legends The hack has cheats that force your enemies to reload endlessly, preventing them from taking any action and enjoying the game. Sprat Apex Legends players complained about cheaters in the comments on this Reddit post, sharing a similar experience as shown in the video. One of them talked about an issue they faced in the last game where their entire team got stuck on reboot due to a hacker. The Apex Legends The community found this hack devastating because it not only gave the cheater a competitive advantage, but also prevented others from playing.

Despite its popularity, Apex Legends is obviously trying to meet the expectations of developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA. EA has decided to lay off more than 200 quality testers without warning those affected Apex Legends Mobile will turn off May 1, a year after the first release on Android and iOS. Apex Legends remains one of the most played video games by player count, with a total of over 130 million players as of February 2022.

Apex Legends now available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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