If the Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event packs are not showing up in the event track, you should know that you are not alone. Apex Legends’ 4th anniversary celebration continues with the Imperial Guard Collection event, featuring a Mixtape playlist, new skins, and more. However, some players were unpleasantly surprised to find that there were no Imperial Guard event packs on the event track. If you’re missing event packs, here’s how to fix it.

Apex Legends Event Packs not showing, Imperial Guard Collection

Apex Legends event packs are missing

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event packs are not showing

The Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event has just started. And if you’re a seasoned Apex player, you know the drill. This means a new LTM, a new relic, new skins, free rewards, and a fresh event track. And free event packages are usually themed. So for this event we have to get the Imperial Guard Collection Event Apex packs. Unfortunately, at the start of the event, many players only saw regular sets. “There shouldn’t have been free event packs in the prize tracking system, or did I read something wrong,” asks a Reddit user Anabolex95. “No event packs, what a shame,” Reddit user Elorios added

Is this intentional or a bug? Fortunately, this is only a minor bug that can be fixed quickly. So how do you fix it? All you have to do is update the game. Restart your console or Steam and the game should update automatically. Also, some players report that you have to log in and out of your account for the event track to show up. Finally, make sure you DO NOT open the normal package before patching it. Unfortunately, some players opened the first free pack before the update. And now, despite fixing the “Apex Event Packs not showing up” issue, they are missing one event pack.