17th season Apex Legends, Arsenal, launched less than a week ago and surprisingly, players have already started finding the glitches and exploits that are common when there is a significant addition of new content; among them is the return of the “spam stamping” glitch thanks to Legend’s newest game, Ballistic.

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Ballistic is an offensive legend, and as his name suggests, he focuses on maximizing the use and potential of his weapons, as well as the weapons of everyone else in his squad. His passive ability, Sling, allows him to store a third weapon without attachments, and since this third weapon is accessed through abilities instead of traditional weapon switching, it seems that this created some kind of loophole in the code that allows Ballistic to cancel his melee animation by switching to a third weapons


This is how it can perform the “spam stamping” glitch. While there is usually a cooldown for your melee attack, this is not the case for the Ballistic passive ability. Ballistic players are therefore able to perform melee attacks over and over again at a fairly staggering rate, as seen in the video above from Youtuber Skeptation.

As you can see in the POV clip of a person being stomped by Ballistic, this can be quite difficult to deal with, probably much more so in the heat of an actual battle. However, this isn’t the first time the “spam punching” bug has appeared in Apex.

Rampart had access to the glitch thanks to her best ability, which allows her to place a set turret somewhere on the play area. Similar to Ballistic, canceling her melee attack and switching to her ultimate allowed Rampart to send her over and over again, but this was later fixed.

As Skeptation demonstrates, Ballistic’s failure to handle spam is so excessive that it even allows him and his particular victim to fly through the air. You can also cancel Ballistic melee so fast that you can hit your opponent without taking damage. By doing it this way, you can turn an enemy crypto-drone into your personal flying machine. This will likely be fixed soon considering how easy it is to do, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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