Antonio Conte Won’t happen again on Tottenham visit wolves this weekend but he will be back to work on Sunday.

The Spurs head to Molineux after their frustrating 1-0 defeat on Wednesday. Sheffield United In the FA Cup, which seems to prolong the club’s long-standing trophy yearning.

Assistant Cristian Stellini had announced that Conte would be back “this week” after beating Chelsea last week. Italian He will miss one more game to be able to return after having surgery to remove his gallbladder on February 1.

Before being asked why the Spurs manager wouldn’t be able to return the day before, Stellini said: “I told him he’d be back this week and be in London right after the Wolves game and he’ll be back in charge from Sunday.”

“This is a question for the medical department because they decide that the timeline is one month.

“A month after surgery, he stops by Saturday and they’re asking Antonio to come back on Sunday, so this question belongs to the medical department.”

Conte’s absence will worsen the low morale of the Tottenham fan base after another missed opportunity midweek.

While the Spurs have Champions League games to play this season, it seems likely that their wait for another trophy will enter their 16th year.

Tottenham are in control of the top four and although Stellini believes it will be considered a success this season, he understands the disappointment of the fans.

“Yes,” Stellini insisted when asked if making the top four would mean a successful season.

“You have to believe in it. You have to believe in that, you have to believe in yourself and you can change the season at any time, as we did last season.

“Everyone wants this (trophy). Everyone. Every year only fans can wait. It’s just that the fans have to be happy with the team, the way the team is playing, but we have to get on the field.

“We have to show our work. That’s the difference between us and the fans. We have to react immediately because that game wasn’t good enough and we don’t want to be like that again.

“We don’t want to show it to the fans again, but we have to build a good mindset, not just in speaking, but in reality.

“Sometimes I feel like we talk too much about trophies and less about mentality. We have to work on it every day and fight against ourselves because when you approach a game like this (against Sheffield United), you have to fight against yourself if you think the game will be easy.

“If you play away, no game will be easy, including the FA Cup, because eight teams are playing in the quarterfinals and five are not in the Premier League. Not just for us, but for everyone.”

The Spurs made six changes to Harry Kane and the World Cup winner in their midweek match at Sheffield United Cristian Romero left on the bank.

But Stellini insisted: “It’s not the team choice that matters, it’s the approach, the mindset and the energy you put into the game.

“We had to be better back then, and we needed to be better before the game, not after the game. If you feel hungry after the game, it’s too late.”