tottenham manager Antonio Conte He insisted he would enjoy the pressure environment when he returned to work, but urged the rest of the club to embrace their season-defining moments against AC. Milan Wednesday.

Conte is back London after spending the last two and a half weeks recuperating Turin He had surgery with his family last month to have his gallbladder removed.

The 53-year-old is back with the Spurs stunned after leaving the FA Cup last week and losing at 24,000. wolves On Saturday, to destroy any hopes of another top four.

Doctors ordered Conte to rest, who lost 1-0 at San Siro in his last 16 debut on February 14, but this week the risk will be even higher and the Italian thinks he can handle the fighting moment to reach the Champions. He posed the same question to the club in the league quarterfinals.

“Pressure? We live for these kinds of games, we live for these kinds of moments because when the pressure goes up, your level goes up,” said the Tottenham boss.

“Remember that we played the Conference League last season and instead we played the Champions League this season. We won our group, we lost the first game 1-0 and tomorrow we have a chance to beat Milan and go to the next round.

“I think definitely forget the past and understand that we need to improve the situation step by step. Then if you ask me if I want to win the Champions League? I say yes to you, but there is also the reality.

“We have to be ready to go match by match. Tomorrow is Milan and if we want to go to the next round we have to beat them by two goals. The pressure is normal and we have to live with that kind of pressure.

“Maybe if there is one thing we should try to heal, the whole environment here is living with pressure. Living with pressure means being a little stressed sometimes and not always at peace with yourself, stressing yourself out and putting pressure on yourself in a positive way.

“I think we can improve a lot in this aspect and the whole environment can improve a lot about this aspect.”