Anthony Joshua He delivered the first knockout punch of the fight week by telling his critics to talk to him face to face.

The British heavyweight will begin his journey back to the top against Jermaine Franklin. O2 Arena On Saturday, he looks forward to winning again after back-to-back defeats to Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua has faced a lot of criticism since the second and third losses of his career, but he insisted it wasn’t his motivation to respond to “clowns” ahead of this weekend.

While the 33-year-old did not name any experts and former or current professionals, he chose to refer only to the subject of the question. Carl Frochmade fun of the hypocritical nature of sport.

“I was talking to my cousin about this, and I think these people don’t understand me, they’re not on my wavelength,” Joshua explained.

“I don’t use boxing as a platform to yell, praise, and disrespect my opponents, or act in a particular way to prove that I’m a certain way.

“These people talking about me are calling me to reciprocate, but I don’t have much to say because these people are not on my level.

“What do I want to entertain a clown for? This is it. If someone has something to tell me they can call me, they have my number.

“I don’t need to be online and voice my opinions about my enemies, I prefer to remain silent. If I have anything to say about you, you will see me face to face.

“I’m not going to go online and do it behind the scenes. And when these people see you at a press conference, they’re like, ‘AJ, how are you, man?’ they say. How does this work?

“When it was Froch, I texted him directly and was like, ‘Why are you talking about me? Message me’.

“Why was he on the internet with (Amir) Khan and his wife (Faryal Makhdoom) and that asshole? Message me if you have something to say.

“I find that odd because my background where I come from isn’t about the pursuit of influence, it’s about results.”

Joshua has a similar philosophy about the former coach Robert GarciaCriticizing the professionalism of the two-time world heavyweight champion since their departure.

When it comes to your head coach, especially when talking about your fighters, I think it’s important to keep things inside.

“There are things I can talk about about some of my ex-coaches but don’t like. No one is perfect, but when you get together to go to war, there must be some level of respect.

“I’ve worked with Sean Murphy and John Oliver on amateurs, all GB coaches, Tony Sims and Rob McCracken on pros, Angel Fernandez, Joby Clayton, Robert Garcia and Derrick James, and Garcia was the first to say what he said. he said, and I didn’t like it, I found it strange.

Why do I want to entertain a clown? This is it. If someone has something to tell me they can call me, they have my number.

Anthony Joshua on his critics

“I’m not perfect, trust me I’m having a hard time at camp but he went and pointed that out from all the things we did at boot camp.”

Speculation about Joshua’s future has been raging since his second defeat to Usyk in August, and debate continues over what will happen next if another defeat on Saturday.

But finchley The boxer insisted: “Worst time to face me.

“The more he talks, the more he digs himself a grave, but that’s what happened.

“I’m ready for a 12-round game, but I believe in my ability, my counter punches, and all that stuff that will definitely kick Jermaine up a notch.

“But I’m not here to talk, I’m here to do what I have to do.”

Franklin narrowly lost to Dillian Whyte at Wembley Arena in November, but to prepare for this fight, he juggled his job commitments and promised a better version to debut at the O2 Arena.

“I was originally on a health journey, changed my habits, changed what I ate, and my body weight was just starting to drop.

“I’m more ready, more fit and ready to let go of the fireworks.

“I’m going to get the win in any way possible, but if I can put him in his place, that’s what I’m going to do.

“Anything is possible. I come from a place where there are not many possibilities, and I’ve come this far to make everything possible.”