Home Alone super fan Jack Grealish I have to tick off a to-do list item just before Christmas, following in Kevin McCallister’s footsteps. new York.

Now Manchester City the eye of the star is fixed on an even greater wish: England The quest for European Championship victory begins.

Grealish became a fan favorite when Gareth Southgate’s team made it to the European Championship final at Wembley two years ago and suffered a crushing defeat in the penalty shootout.

I love that movie, man. Someone told me about this (tour) so we wandered around Central Park. I watched many times

Home Alone 2 Jack Grealish

A trip to Euro 2020 final foes Italy kicks off qualifiers for the next edition on Thursday, marking England’s first game since their heartbreaking World Cup quarter-final defeat to France.

Southgate’s team has dispersed around the world after the defeat in December, and Grealish had the unique opportunity to visit New York over Christmas and see the sights from Home Alone 2.

“I stayed at the (same) hotel,” the quarterback said. “You can get crazy room service like 16 scoops of ice cream! Just like in the movie.

“I have an addictive personality. Mistress always tells me that even when I like a song, I keep playing it.

“I love that movie, man. Someone told me about it (tour) so we wandered around Central Park. I’ve watched that over and over.”

In addition to staying at the Plaza, Grealish visited locations from the movie, such as the skating rink and terrace in Central Park and the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

“I felt like a little tourist,” he said. “I was in the back of the wagon and occasionally someone would say, ‘I swear it’s Jack Grealish.’ I was like, ‘Dude, hurry up, speed up’. I liked it.

“I love Christmas. My mom always made Christmas very special for me, so I’ve always loved Christmas and always wanted to go to New York around Christmas.

“We never made it because of football. It was like a little to-do list moment. I liked it.”

Grealish traveled with his girlfriend to Dubai and New York during a short vacation after a World Cup that made him feel like he “needs a little break”.

A shin problem, which he suspected continued during lockdown, provided another reason to reassure him, leading him off the bench against Liverpool just a day after his return to City.

“I thought I didn’t have a chance to be involved,” he said of December’s 3-2 Carabao Cup win.

“Then at the 70th minute of the fuck[City boss Pep Guardiola]said to me, ‘Jack, you’re going on’. I was like ‘F****** hell’ cause I was blowing my ass!

Grealish was as surprised by this appearance as he was to hear that he has made 45 appearances for club and country this season.

The 27-year-old doesn’t seem to be intimidated by burnout, as he says “playing football matches is the best thing you can do”, especially as he has performed better than ever since his £100m transfer from Aston Villa in 2021.

Grealish said, “I feel like I’m at my best, especially since I moved to City. If you were to ask me anything (it helped her improve her fitness), I would probably say self-confidence.

“Right now I feel like I did when I was at Aston Villa. I feel like one of the main players and I feel like playing hard is the most fit thing I’ve been, especially since I’ve been in Man City.

“It means playing a lot of games in the jump and playing in the big games, just really making an impact.”

Grealish will have a chance to play in another big game on Thursday, with England starting their Euro 2024 qualifying challenge in 2024 against reigning champions Italy. Naples.

The quarterback is “buzzing” that boss Southgate is left to lead the nation into another elimination campaign, so Grealish can focus on ticking another item off his to-do list: winning a trophy with England.

“This is what we all want to do,” he said. “We became close many times.

“The last three tournaments have been a semi-final, a final, and then the quarterfinals.

“It’s clear what we want to do and I think we’re getting better and better.

“The players are playing with such confidence. I feel like the next one can really be ours. Everyone will be in their prime.

“I actually feel old right now, but when I think about it, I will only be 28 years old in the Euro.

“It’s no secret that we all want to win a tournament – and I think it’s something that needs to be done.”