Dungeons and Dragons recently launched Keys from the golden vault book. It’s an anthology of heist-themed adventures, and many creators are creating great content to accompany it. As always, one of my favorite series to watch out for Bloody and bruised by Anne Gregersen and he recently released one Keys from the golden vault. The add-on introduces new combat moves inspired by 4E’s “bloody” setting, adding extra spice to your battles. There are also added “death throes” to make the creature’s ending memorable and exciting. An example of bloody action Bloody and Bruised – Keys from the Golden Vault Charmaine Daymore throws a fireball when she’s covered in blood for the first time. It’s so cool!

The mushroom boss heals the wound in his side before ordering his allies to retreat. A bright light appears around the angel’s dying body, blinding everyone near him as he passes through the realm of the living. The enraged hill giant slams his fists into the ground as blood pours down his body, shaking the ground around him.

Bloodied & Bruised is a series that introduces new combat moves for creatures in 5e. When pushed to their limits in battle, these monsters, creatures, brutes, and enemies gain new abilities that aid them in battle or, depending on the situation, spell their doom. Bloodied & Bruised takes inspiration from the “bloodied” condition from 4e, giving you completely new combat moves that can completely change the nature of combat.

In addition, Bloodied & Bruised will also introduce several “death agonies” to the game, which will cause the death of certain creatures with a large explosion, heavy fall or other unique effects to make killing a great monster a truly unique experience. defines.

You can shop Bloody and Bruised – Keys from the Golden Vault (affiliate link) for $2.45 from DMs Guild.