Ana de Armas reflects on the negative reaction to Andrew Dominik’s Yellow and the film’s controversial portrayal of star Marilyn Monroe.

Yellow Star Ana de Armas reflects on the negative reception of Andrew Dominik’s drama about the life and death of Marilyn Monroe. Based on the book by author Joyce Carol Oates, Yellow Released on Netflix last September, it offers a fictional account of the late star’s personal life and career. The film received mixed to negative reviews, with most critics agreeing that while de Armas’ performance was impressive, the film itself left much to be desired.

in a recent interview with THRthinks of de Armas bad reception Yellow and his depiction of Monroe. While not denying criticism of the film, actor Dominique insists that it was never intended to be a crowd pleaser and one of the main principles of the film. Yellow is a critique of the exploitative nature of Hollywood. See de Armas’ full statement below:

“When the film premiered in Venice or San Sebastian (the reaction was warmer than in the U.S.). Of course, the reaction that got the most attention was in the U.S., but it wasn’t. It’s hard to hear those reactions, but you can always go back to what you experienced, why do it? what you did and why you were drawn to the project. That doesn’t change. You have a director. , and you always have other actors you can talk to. As much as it hurts to hear that people don’t like your film, that’s it. It’s not a movie made to please people or make people like it.difficult movie to watch.

I don’t think the movie speaks badly of him. I think it’s the opposite. I think it speaks poorly of the environment and the industry, and it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes for other people in the business. I think the film also makes the viewer feel like a participant. We contributed then and still contribute to the public exploitation of actors, of people. We, the audience, do. And I think some people might feel like (someone) pointed the finger (at them).”

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Why blonde hair was so controversial

Ana de Armas wears a white Marilyn Monroe dress with yellow accents

A lot of controversy around Yellow actually first began with Oates’ book, which offered a fictionalized account of many events in Monroe’s life, some of which were quite traumatic. The film made waves when it was first announced that it would be rated NC-17, a rating higher than R usually reserved for films with strong sexual content. like a book Yellow Features several examples of Monroe sexual exploitation or abuse, especially with a rape scene.

The criticism of the film was not particularly directed at these graphic scenes, but rather at how these scenes fit into Monroe’s larger story. The star doesn’t really have any agency Yellow and treated badly from the opening moments of the film. From beginning to end, Yellow Only Monroe seems to focus on how the actor was used, abused and sexually exploited instead of giving him real power in his life.

Oates, Dominic, and de Armas argue that this exploitation is the whole point, but the negative comments argue against this. Yellow, as a result, is one-note and not really a balanced or thoughtful portrayal of Monroe’s real life. Although Yellow may not have been a critical lover As some expected, de Armas turns the role upside down, and his performance is strong, even if the entire film lets him down.

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Source: THR