A great variety of heroes in Supervision provide many different ways to play the game, but one fan unearths the account of a veteran who managed to play the game for 800 hours without taking any damage. Selection of supporting characters in Supervision tend to focus more on providing healing and benefit to the team, although each hero is equipped with some form of powerful weapon.

Of course, as a multiplayer hero shooter, Supervision 2 just as focused on eliminating opponents as its predecessor. Countless different weapons, abilities, and ultimates allow cohesive teams to wreak havoc on the battlefield in a variety of ways, as well as multiple new characters added after launch Supervision 2 only helped make the fight more exciting. The move to 5 player teams has also put a greater emphasis on damage in some ways, encouraging teams to coordinate more effectively than before in many ways.


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With all that said, it’s safe to say that pacifist players are hard to come by in FPS games, especially titles like Supervision 2. It is interesting that one member of Supervision 2 A Reddit community called daytonnnnnn recently posted a screenshot of the player’s stats return the old account to the original Supervision. This Mercy player, known only as QB7, has almost 800 hours on his account with a total of 0 kills and 0 damage. Although this heal-only strategy has proven to be somewhat effective as the player has racked up over 40 million heals in thousands of completed matches, 2,825 of which resulted in victory.

The transition from 6v6 to 5v5 was massive gameplay implications since launch Supervision 2, and many veteran fans remain unhappy with the changes. Each team now only has one tank instead of two, which, while putting extra pressure on the team’s tankiers, provided each tank hero with significant extra health in Supervision 2. Support players seem to be the most affected by this change, as the lack of a second “guard” tank makes support more vulnerable than before.

Supervision 2 offers a host of radical changes that set it apart from its predecessor in many ways, though perhaps not enough to justify its sequel status – at least not in the eyes of many fans. The last ones news regarding the reduction of PvE content Supervision 2 also made many players fear for the future of the game, as the complex PvE campaign could potentially be the gem of the game as a whole.

Supervision 2 available in Early Access on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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