Here is my 3D animated video comparing the speeds of real and imaginary civilian and military aircraft. Created by Video Red side The video also recorded the name of the plane, its manufacturer and the speed at which it was traveling.

As a fan of airplanes and military aircraft, I thought this was pretty cool! The slowest ship shown in the video is the 1906 Santos-Dumont airplane, which traveled at 40 km (~25 mph). The fastest was the SR-72 Darkstar from Top Gun: Maverick, which flew at an insane speed of Mach 10. The video mentions the following:

It was … special to me because I’m a fan of the plane itself. The video consists of 3 episodes where I compare the fastest known aircraft, from the first artificial aircraft to the fastest and beyond!”

This video is packed with very interesting information and it is presented in a fun way, so enjoy!