ANNIE-winning game designer Jessica Markrum Crowdfundr now has a new board game, Alas, all Draculas!. The game uses Buddy system emphasizes teamwork and found family. Described as a game What we do in the shadows simulator and sounds very interesting. You have to choose your own version of a vampire with different archetypes to create your own Dracula. Use classic or not, then you design a house for your players to live in. Then prepare your stats and d6 dice as you prepare to face the internal and external challenges of being Dracula. Whether it’s the Dracula Hunters, the new Draculas in town, the werewolves, or the hated Homeowners Association, the shenanigans will be fun. You can make the game as dramatic and serious or silly as you want. This seems like the perfect type of game to play with any group of friends around Halloween because you can tailor it to everyone’s level of horror love. The game is already written and ready for publication, Crowdfundr is designed to raise funds for the actual publication. It only runs until March 16th, so don’t miss your chance to grab a copy for yourself. You can watch live action of the game below.