Alex Scott confirmed today that it will not be presenting Football Focus, with the show and results program that will be televised by the BBC. final score.

Scott was scheduled to present the weekend football preview show at lunchtime on Saturday, but has announced he will step up his boycott. match of the dayIt will continue “without studio presentation or experts”, the BBC said.

Coming after the BBC said Gary Lineker While Ian Wright and Alan Shearer have confirmed that they will not appear in the Match of the Day in solidarity, he resigned from hosting the flagship football program due to his use of social media.

The crisis around Match of the Day has also affected two of the BBC’s other programmes, scheduled to air on Saturday. Football Focus presenter Scott tweeted that “it doesn’t feel right for me to continue the show today”, while reporter Kelly Somers said she would not appear on BBC television.

Chris Wise, another BBC Sport reporter, tweeted: “To confirm that I will not be working for the BBC Final Score today. The program is not running. We all need to stand together.”

It has been confirmed by the Professional Players Association (PFA) that Premier League players will not speak in support for Lineker in Game of the Day today and will not participate in the growing boycott of the programme, led by experts and commentators.

The BBC has informed clubs that they will not require players to honor their broadcast commitments. as reported by Independent On Friday night, clubs were debating whether it was almost a “political act” for their managers and players to appear in the Game of the Day.

Premier League players have also asked to stand in solidarity with Lineker as well as former pros Wright and Shearer, and the PFA has confirmed that players will not be put in a speaking position by the Match of the Day.

“We have been informed that players attending today’s matches will not be asked to participate in interviews with Match of the Day,” the PFA said in a statement.

“The PFA is talking to members who want to take a collective position and be able to show their support for those who choose not to be a part of tonight’s show.

“During these conversations, we made it clear that as their union, we will support all members who may face consequences for choosing not to honor their broadcast commitments.

“This is a prudent decision to ensure players are no longer placed in that position.”

Six leading Match of the Day commentators also said they would not be on Saturday’s show. A joint statement from the group, which regularly features Game of the Day commentators such as Steve Wilson and Conor McNamara, said it would “not be appropriate to be on the show”.

It added to the riot that followed the BBC’s decision to withdraw Lineker from presenting duties after the former British International ruled that criticism of the government’s new asylum policy violated neutrality guidelines.

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