Disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to life in prison

Alex Murdaugh will spend the rest of his life behind bars without parole convicted of the brutal murders of his wife Maggie and son Paul.

The disgraced former attorney was sentenced to two consecutive life terms Friday in South Carolina’s Colleton County Court and is now headed to Kirkland Correctional Facility to determine where he will serve time.

Murdaugh twice declared his innocence during the sentencing, and his defense team has vowed to appeal the verdict all the way to the Supreme Court.

It took jurors less than three hours to find Murdaugh guilty of the shootings on the family’s 1,700-hectare Mosel hunting farm on June 7, 2021.

The unanimous verdict came after a dramatic six-week “trial of the century” in a sprawling and scandalous case that has captivated the nation for nearly two years.

The first juror has now spoken to reveal it the damn cell phone video taken by paul just minutes before he and Maggie were killed was the key to his conviction.


Cousin Eddie who shot Murdaugh in a botched hitman plot reacts to the verdict

Curtis “Cousin Eddie” Smith — a former law firm client, distant cousin and alleged drug dealer of Murdaugh — released a statement through his attorney.

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Authorities describe the Murdaugh prisoner’s intake process

The South Carolina Department of Corrections released the following statement regarding the intake process Murdaugh will now undergo.

Richard Alexander Murdaugh will be processed into the SC Department of Corrections today when he arrives at the Kirkland Reception and Evaluation Center in Columbia. SCDC processes all male inmates in its system in Kirkland.

As part of the intake process, like all inmates, he will undergo medical testing, mental health and educational assessments, and SCDC will collect other additional background information

Next, the CDC inmate classification system will follow the same process it follows for all inmates: evaluate the results of tests, assessments, and screenings administered to him, taking into account his crimes and punishments, and use all of this information to assign the inmate a specific custody level and imprisonment.

This evaluation process takes approximately 45 days. Once the process is complete, he will be sent to one of SCDC’s maximum security prisons, like all new inmates serving life sentences.

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Judge Murdaugh’s own legal history unfolded in South Carolina

The judge who sentenced Alex Murdaugh on Friday to life in prison for killing his wife and son has drawn attention and praise for his erratic demeanor throughout the trial and for bringing down the once-prominent lawyer just before sending him to prison.

Judge Murdaugh’s own legal history unfolded in South Carolina

The judge who on Friday sentenced Alex Murdaugh to life in prison for killing his wife and son has drawn attention and praise for his erratic demeanor throughout the trial and for stripping the once-prominent lawyer just before sending him to prison

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Judge condemns Murdaugh’s continued lies about murder in scathing sentencing

A South Carolina judge harshly condemned Alex Murdaugh for continuing to lie about his guilt in the murders of his wife and son as he was sentenced to life in prison.

The disgraced legal relative was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences by Colleton County Court Judge Clifton Newman on Friday morning, hours after a jury found him guilty of shooting to death his wife Maggie and son Paul in June 2021.

Speaking briefly in court, Murdaugh again professed his innocence, insisting: “I would never hurt Maggie and Paul.”

Judge Newman addressed Murdaugh’s continued denials as they faced each other directly in front of the court.

Andrea Blanco and Rachel Sharp Report.

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Voices: We knew the Alex Murdaugh case was complicated – but no one expected this

Rachel Sharp has been following the Murdaugh case since day one. She writes that power and prominence could not save Alex Murdaugh from being tried for Maggie and Paul’s murder.

If anything, it just showed how much further he had fallen.

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Murdaugh will appeal the guilty verdict as the defense continues to appeal the case

Disgraced heir and convicted family killer Alex Murdaugh is already planning to appeal his sentence after a jury of 12 found him guilty of the murders of his wife and son.

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Voices: Does Alex Murdaugh Remember What Made Him Fall?

Megan Sheets writes that holes in Alex Murdaugh’s memory did not go unnoticed by the jury at the double murder trial while recalling a mountain of small details.

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See: South Carolina AG says Murdaugh himself was the biggest piece of evidence

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They are asked why Buster Murdaugh did not speak this morning in court.

Griffin says “we could have had Mother Theresa” on the stand speaking on Murdaugh’s behalf, but the judge would impose a life sentence. He adds that they wouldn’t want to put Buster through that trauma.

“Alex was not optimistic with all the scrutiny and pressure and all his bad actions out in the public eye,” he said of whether they could get a fair jury.

Griffin adds, “We were hoping to get a jury that could ignore the noise.”

Harpootlian says the prosecutor won the case the moment the judge “buyed into” the financial motive theory.

They intend to appeal the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

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The defense team’s press conference is underway

Chief Prosecutor Dick Harpootlian answers press questions outside the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina.

He immediately denies that it was a mistake to have Alex Murdaugh testify in his own defense.

Mr. Harpootlian says an appeal will be filed within 10 days.

Prosecutor Jim Griffin says the basis for the appeal will be the introduction of evidence of financial crimes.

Harpootlian says the introduction of the financial crimes was “about character” and “was not about motive”.

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