Alear is the main character of the new highway Fire emblem game, Fire emblem Engage, released on January 20, 2023. The Fire Emblem franchise has had many heroes like Alear to immerse the player in the game. Another recent main character that fans are very familiar with is Baylet, from the previous main title, Fire emblem: three houses.

RELATED: Fire Emblem Engage: The things it does better than three housesAlthough these two characters, Alear and Bailet, have some striking differences such as design or mindset, they also share similar characteristics that make them much more similar than any other main characters in this series.


6 Capable of same-sex romances

Male and female Alear in the menu for Fire Emblem Engage

The ability to romance your units is a selling point for many fans Fire emblem franchise Mechanics was presented at the international level in Fire Emblem Awakening in 2013, where the main character, Robin, could start a relationship with any person of the opposite sex and marry her – even have a child with her. This has continued in all subsequent games and has now reached Engage as well.

However, the possibility of having a same-sex romance was not always possible and was limited. Fiery emblem of fate was the first to introduce it with Corrin but only with 2 options. Byleth, on the other hand, has been given more options – female Byleth has 5 and male Byleth has 3. Alear, on the other hand, definitely outshines the rest, being allowed to romance any available character, regardless of their gender. Thanks to this, both Alear and Bailet can have a same-sex romance.

5 Sword user


The use of swords is most often the rule for all Fire Emblem lords. Many of the main characters in these games wield this weapon, and it spawned many iconic swords, such as Marta’s Flanchion, which was given to Chrom before it was given to Lucina.

Alear and Baylet also do not feel any disadvantages in this regard. Bailet wields the Sword of the Creator, one of the hero’s relics, forged from the bones of the Goddess after Nemesis killed her. Its ability to be used at long distances makes it a formidable weapon. Meanwhile, Alear’s sword of choice is Liberation, an ancient sword that can be wielded by the Divine Dragon. Alear received this sword after a training battle against their mother.

4 Able to turn back time

The ability to rewind time and correct one’s mistakes was not essential Fire emblem games Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia this is what introduced him with Mila’s Turnwheel and is only available in this game so far, Tthree houses, localization of Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light, and now finally in Engage.

RELATED: Fire Emblem Engage: Best New Units, RankedIn Three Houses, the ability to turn back time is not only a gameplay feature, but also an integral part of the story, as the Divine Pulse saves Bailet’s life early in the game. In Engage, time rewind is powered by a draconic time crystal, but is essentially the same as Bailet’s Divine Pulse.

3 He is good at bickering

Alear is summoned by Marth in Fire Emblem Engage

Good swordsmanship isn’t the only similarity between Alear and Bylet when it comes to combat. They also share a power in Brawling or as it is called in Engage, Arts. Three Houses showcases the strengths, weaknesses, and hidden talents of each unit. While Engage doesn’t, some characters have unique classes that allow them to use certain weapons.

For Bylet, these strengths are swordsmanship, power, and fighting, but have no real weakness. Alear, on the other hand, have their own special class called Divine Dragon that only they can access. This class allows Alear to use 2 types of weapons: swords and arts.

2 Minimal customization

Fire emblem engage engage female Alear close-up

Fire emblem has customizable protagonists since release Fire Emblem Awakening, which focuses on Robin. It has since become a staple in Fire Emblem games, with the exception of Echoes. However, exactly how much the player can customize the character has definitely changed since then.

In Awakening and destiny, the player had a lot of power over how the character presented themselves, being able to choose not only gender and name, but also hair, size, voice, and even strength and weakness. For Byleth and Alear, customization beyond the simplest things like name, gender, and birthday is virtually impossible. While this is definitely a flaw, it is something that both share.

1 Attitudes towards dragons

Alear and Bailet-3 fire emblem

Dragons were an important part of the majority Fire emblem games from the first game, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light. In the games, many characters are descendants of dragons or related to them in some way, which gives them many powers.

Alear has an obvious connection to dragons as they are a Divine Dragon and their unique classes are Dragon Child and Divine Dragon. In “Three Houses” dragons are known as Nabateans. Bailet is the child of one of Rhea’s clones, whom she created in her own image. Since Rhea is a Nabatean, this means that Bailet has dragon blood. Bailet also became a reincarnated goddess – the goddess who had. was a divine dragon.

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