AEW: Fight Forever is reportedly coming out in June.

According to Combat choicean official announcement is expected next week, and AEW is expected to announce that the game will be released on June 27th, which will coincide with AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2, which takes place two days before June 25th.

It has also been speculated that the announcement was delayed due to the popularity and inclusion of AEW wrestler CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks), whose off-screen issues with AEW have seemingly overturned several AEW-related announcements regarding a return. a punk

Earlier this year, there were contradictory statements from THQ Nordicglobal senior community manager and president of AEW Tony khan regarding the status of the game.

After being shown a tweet saying “the AEW Fight Forever video game is almost done,” THQ’s Per Hollenbaugh replied, “I mean, if you want a unfinished game, sure, we can release now.”

He added: “The game is working really well and is hitting the mark, but not 100% yet, so yeah, I’m afraid that’s another Twitter rumor.”

As followers began to wonder why some were claiming the game was ready, Hollenbaugh explained, “There are a ton of things to consider when developing a game – rendering, quality control, localization, ratings, optimization, refinement, coding, and more. .

“So even if a game looks ready to some people, if it misses one of these steps, it’s not finished or ready for release yet.”

Last June, AEW star Kenny Omega said that he hoped that the game would be released in 2022. When that was clearly impossible, the game was slated for a February 2023 release.

In February, Omega, which played a significant role in bringing the game to life, said it had been delayed because some game content “should have been reduced” meet the ESRB’s preferred teen rating.