Despite plans for another sequel, Happy Death Day 3 has yet to materialize, with director Christopher Landon clarifying the film’s delay.

The reason behind Happy death day 3 director Christopher Landon clarified the delays. Happy death day Released in 2017 to positive reviews and box office success. The film follows Tree, a college student who is caught in a time loop that forces him to constantly remember the day of his murder until he finds his killer. Continuation, Happy death day 2U, released in 2019 to similar reviews, did not perform as well as the first film at the box office. Still, director Christopher Landon has plans for another sequel to the franchise.

When talking to The Hollywood ReporterLandon was asked about a film he would greenlight if money weren’t an issue. The director chose Happy death day 3, delving deeper into why the film hasn’t been made yet. As with many films awaiting the green light, budget issues were a factor, which Landon noted Happy death day 3 a bigger story that requires a higher budget. Check out Landon’s reviews Happy death day 3 below:

“It would definitely be Happy Death Day 3. I have that movie in the back of my mind and I know exactly what I want. It’s actually a bigger movie than the previous two movies, and that’s ultimately part of the point. It’s needed for a third movie. Bigger budget, but since the second movie didn’t do as well as the first, it’s a tall order. But I’m still hoping Universal will give me a chance, because it would be a very interesting conclusion.

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Will there be a Happy Death Day 3?

Happy death day It was produced on a modest budget of $4.8 million before grossing over $125 million worldwide. With such success, a sequel was quickly greenlit and released two years later. Happy death day 2U there was a bigger one A budget of $9 million allows this sequel to raise the stakes and build the story. However, despite the success of the first film, Happy death day 2U grossed just over $64 million worldwide.

So the sequel, while profitable, made less money on a bigger budget, making any studio nervous about a potential third film, especially when the budget had to go up again. With Landon’s comments about the larger third installment, it is known that the film will need more than the $9 million spent on the film. Happy death day 2Uand unless a large return is promised, the third payment may be withheld.

Still, even films that fail to reach the studio’s expectations get sequels. For example, Chronicles of Riddick could not cover the expensive budget and another franchise sequel was created, with Riddick 4 was also recently confirmed move forward. However, considering the year 2013 Riddick had to cut its budget, Happy death day 3 Landon may have to do the same if he hopes to make the film. There is also hope for a planned crossover with another Landon film StrangeA victim/killer body swapping horror comedy, and so on Happy death day 3 even if it hasn’t been greenlit yet, there’s hope that audiences will see another installment of the unique horror franchise.

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