Star Adam Brody explains why he thinks Jennifer’s Body failed in its first outing, calling the film’s initial disdain “unfair.”

Jennifer’s body Star Adam Brody shared his thoughts on why the film initially failed. released in 2009, Jennifer’s body Megan Fox stars as Jennifer Cheek, a popular high school cheerleader who becomes possessed by a demon and starts killing her classmates. Brody played Nicholas, a member of the rock band Low Shoulder, who sacrificed Jennifer to a demon in exchange for fame and fortune. Jennifer’s body Also starring is Amanda Seyfried as Needy, Jennifer’s best friend who is determined to stop her horrible behavior. Although the film was a box office bomb and received mixed reviews from critics, it eventually became a cult classic.


Now in a new interview The Independentstar Adam Brody explains why he thinks Jennifer’s body failed at first. Brody blames the film’s marketing technique for its box office blunder, saying it misrepresented the storyline and aimed to attract male attention. Instead, Brody says, it should have been promoted more as a female empowerment film. Read his full quote below:

β€œFor him to get such soft comments and to be a punching bag in a way – it felt great. It wasn’t my movie, so I didn’t take it personally, but it still felt a little unfair…The movie was a marketer’s dream, and then to see them make it happen…” (to movie poster link) β€œ Part Goosebumps, part Maxim. It’s not even what she wears in the movie..The movie was directed by a woman with two female characters written by that year’s Academy Award winning screenwriter (Diablo Cody). Don’t tell anyone this. It’s for Transformers fans.'”

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Why Jennifer’s Body Is Now a Cult Classic

Why Jennifer's Body Failed At First Star Adam Brody1

Instead of focusing on who Jennifer’s body was written for, teenage girls, studio executives chose to emphasize Fox’s sex appeal and marketed to boys instead. Brody is not the first person to question the marketing methods used Jennifer’s body. Diablo Cody, the film’s screenwriter, also admitted to arguing with studio executives over the ad campaign. At the time of the film’s release, Fox was at the height of her career and marked as a sex symbol. Although the studio thought that her appearance would attract viewers, it was clearly wrong, as her main plot line was much different than just being an attractive high school cheerleader.

Although Jennifer’s body initially ignored in the horror genre, it slowly became a hit, especially among young women and the LGBTQ+ community. Its re-emergence in popular culture is due in part to the #MeToo movement of 2018, which called into question sexism and harassment in the entertainment industry. Jennifer’s sacrifice, in turn, for the success of the boy band, has been argued as a metaphor for what happens in Hollywood, where women are sometimes forced to sacrifice their autonomy in order to get a role. In addition, the on-screen kiss between Seyfried and Fox became popular among the queer community, with some praising the film as an exploration of bisexuality.

And Jennifer is the antagonist Jennifer’s body, the men who sacrifice her will pay in the end. Eventually Needy kills them, thereby defeating the true villains of the story and advancing the message of female empowerment. Although Needy killed Jennifer, she could be brought back to life as Fox spoke of her hopes. a Jennifer’s body continuation or TV series. The sequel may change over time and explore more feminist themes. Although nothing is promised, it is certain Jennifer’s body remains a cult classic.

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