“They say a guilty person can eat you alive…”

Here’s a trailer for a crazy horror short film titled Escalation. The film is making the rounds at genre film festivals and is a crowd pleaser! I got a chance to watch the full short myself and I can tell you that it will take you on a crazy and brutal ride! If you are a fan of horror movies, definitely watch this movie.

The story takes place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic: “Chris, a paranoid and self-absorbed man who enjoys connecting with people, prefers to avoid reality in anything on TV . When a friend approaches him to tell him about his past vows, Chris must decide what kind of person he is inside, or he might eat him alive.”

He directed the film Christian Bachini and while the short film has yet to be released online, a feature film version is available Escalation in development. When the director is ready to release the short online, I’ll be sure to share it with you on GeekTyrant!

But if you’re attending a film festival, watch it there!