Three short gameplay videos that allegedly contain WB gamesThe newly announced Quidditch champions went mad on Reddit on Saturday. A total of three minutes and three seconds of video attempts to showcase the games setup as well as gameplay both during practice mode and during actual Quidditch matches.

WB Games is simple the Quidditch champions have been announced last month, on April 17, and just four days later, the fictional sports game from the Harry Potter universe began testing. The video appears to be legit, or at least very convincingly fan-made, as the familiar three-hoop end zones and towering caged viewing towers will be a familiar sight to fans of the Harry Potter series.

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One video titled “Character Customization (Gameplay)” shows a player going through the options for creating a personalized team. Ten different templates are the show, and while no names are given, they’re clearly based on Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Cho Chang, Cedric Diggory, Ron Weasley, Angelina Johnson, Ginny Weasley, Oliver Wood, Madame Roland Gooch, and a dozen others just off screen. The settings window also shows four players on the team in the Beater, Seeker and Keeper positions, with the fourth obscured by the player’s video window (although it would logically be the Chaser, in keeping with the nature of the fictional sport).

Thirteen different styles of brooms are on display, and the video demonstrates each one’s ability to leave colorful magical trails in their wake, with effects ranging from simple streaks to a cyclone effect. There’s also a menu to set different poses, although it’s not yet known if this affects in-game actions or just the character selection screen. Also, oddly enough, house robes of all four Hogwarts colors are present.

The third video shows a training scenario where the player, taking control of an unknown character in a Hufflepuff quiddity robe, goes through Beater training, chasing after a bludger and trying to use the bat to hit a target, which in this case is a Gryffindor Player.

Quidditch Champions A Gryffindor player holds a broom

Finally, the last video appears to show footage of the actual match in progress as it starts with the Away team 80-20. This time the player is in Gryffindor robes and appears to be acting as Chaser as he does a downward quaffle strike at one point. However, perhaps the biggest takeaway from this video is that there is a countdown timer and when it reaches zero, the match is over and the announcer calls the winner. This goes against the ideas laid out in the Harry Potter novels (as well as the movies), because canonically the game is not supposed to end until one team’s Seeker catches the Golden Snitch, for better or worse, like Viktor Crum. it’s at the Quidditch World Cup and the Bulgarian team still loses on points.

The announcement of the Quidditch Champions was a follow-up to the ever-popular one Hogwarts heritageSuccess, and while this role-playing adventure tried to capture the magic of Hogwarts Castle, Quidditch was noticeably absent. Some commenters on the video were quick to point out the lack of Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, and he didn’t seem pleased. “It feels like WB purposely took it out of the Hogwarts legacy to make their own standalone game for money,” stated Cstone812. “I’ll pass that poo.”

Others defended the decision to remove the sport from Hogwarts’ legacy, saying Quidditch deserved its own game. “An outdated Quidditch at Hogwarts would be terrible,” commented OfficialDamp. “No multiplayer, graphics too dark, flying was horrible. I like the way this game works better.”

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