I before compared the appearance of Zonai devices in Tears of the kingdom to Hyrulean’s industrial revolution of sorts, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration, as one dedicated fan has managed to create a car that closely resembles a fully functional car, complete with own suspension system for seamless exploration of the most terrifying landscapes of the game’s underground realm.

In contrast to the relatively flat terrain of Ghairul on the surface, navigating the underground region of the Abyss feels like a wild roller coaster ride with its rugged and uneven landscape. Not to mention the crimson spots everywhere that look like danger zones that can drain the life out of poor Link’s HP if he even steps on them.

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That’s why having a reliable car there is extremely important. But here’s the thing: Tears of the Kingdom’s hand-crafted one-way vehicles can’t handle the bumps and humps of rough terrain, not only because they’re made up of Zonai pieces haphazardly spliced ‚Äč‚Äčtogether, but also because they’re basically don’t have suspension systems that allow them to “flow” and bounce over bumps in the road like real-life cars do.

A car’s suspension usually consists of a coil spring (which is somehow available in Tears of the Kingdom as a normal spring) and a damper or shock absorber. Both of these form a magical cushion that helps the car absorb the shock of uneven surfaces, like when you jump on a trampoline, and it gently bounces you back. So, when a car hits a pothole in the road and is about to roll or overturn from the impact, the suspension will absorb or negate that impact and help the car stay on the road surface no matter what.

Tears of the Kingdom Beast Machine

And that’s essentially what Lynx-Paws have done with their new contraption, “The Beast,” as they call it. They took the Zonai spring device normally used to help Link jump higher and strapped it to the vehicle’s chassis, allowing him to cover most terrain with ease.

All of these are also easy to maneuver with the joystick they attached to the top of their new beast. And Lynx-paws also pointed out that spring as a suspension works best with big wheels. Of course, fans will only have to create this contraption once, then they can save it to car assembly and restore it later anytime, anywhere, provided they have enough Zonaite energy to consume.

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