Tears of the kingdom introduces many new abilities as well as some clever tweaks to previous abilities from Breath of the wild. However, one notable flaw in Link’s arsenal is the lack of the Cryonis ability, which is known for its ability to create icy platforms. Fortunately, Youtuber 5en has a creative workaround that not only replicates Cryonis’ functionality, but also improves upon its original design.

If you think about it, almost every ability from Breath of the Wild found its way into Tears of the Kingdom in one form or another. Magnesium (an old ability that only affects the movement of metal objects) evolves into Ultraarm, which allows you to not only move things, but also glue them together. You can still throw bombs without needing a separate Remote Bomb ability, and you can even combo bombs with arrows to launch them over long distances.

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Stagnation is also not a big problem considering most Zonai device can float in the air, not to mention your new ability to rewind their movements. Even the Master Bike can be easily duplicated with some Do-it-yourself alternatives. The only ability that seems to be left without specific alternatives is Cryonis.

The new technique demonstrated in the video requires you to simply take some frozen fruit and throw them into any lake or pond. While it may seem simple at first, the real brilliance is how the creator connects the ice block to his weapon after it is created. With each swing, they almost effortlessly create another icy platform, seemingly out of thin air.

Even when the ice melts from the weapon, they can drain one of the blocks they created to continue generating ice blocks indefinitely. Not only is it an endless source of water platforms, but it’s also much faster and more intuitive than constantly opening the ability menu and selecting Cryonis, all thanks to the new fuse mechanic and the limitless creativity it allows.

Now all that’s left is to figure out how to get Ice Fruits, and luckily our very own Karan has you covered special guide to find them. Ice Fruits in particular can be found in the Gerudo Highlands and the Hebra Mountains (mostly on the left side of the map), and having a few of them will come in handy in many of the shrine puzzles and the water-related area of ​​Zora.

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