New kit for Switch OLED comes with several Switch accessories themed after mario franchise This is one of the few Switch sets released before this year’s March 10 Day.

Third-party accessories have become extremely popular on the Switch, especially those that serve functions that first-party controllers don’t, or that are sold at more affordable prices. Some recent popular third-party options include: NYXI Wizard, which gives gamers a wireless GameCube controller that can be used as Joy-Cons or the many accessories offered by PowerA and PDP. Both of these companies specialize in offering controllers, cases and other accessories themed around popular Nintendo franchises such as mario, Animal Crossingand The Legend of Zelda.


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Timed for this year’s March 10th, the new Switch bundle has become available through Sam’s Club and includes a number mario– themed accessories from PDP. This $300 Switch OLED Kit includes a white Switch OLED, Wired Faceoff mario controller, a mario PDP LVL40 Suburban Case and Wired Stereo System mario Gaming headset. In addition, a marioA 256GB SanDisk micro SD card is included, making this kit one of the most popular the best storage options for the Nintendo Switch on top of the 64GB of internal storage that comes with the Switch OLED. This set is currently available at Sam’s Club for $300 with in-store pickup with a maximum of two purchases per membership.

Sam's Club Switch OLED Bundle

This Switch OLED kit is different from Day Switch Set March 10th offered by Nintendo, which offered gamers a choice of three digital games as well as all red Joy-Cons. Rather, the bundle from Sam’s Club seems designed to give new Switch owners just about everything they need to start their Switch journey, especially if they’re Switch fans mario and are interested in getting a second controller for multiplayer gaming. While those who purchase this bundle will still have to purchase their games separately, they will have no problem saving them to their console thanks to the included micro SD card.

As the Switch enters what appears to be the home stretch of its life, those who missed out on the console up to this point may want to see what they missed and play the next releases as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While buying used systems remains a popular option, the risks associated with buying a used Switch console can be enough to put people off buying second-hand. With bundles like these, the door has been opened for many to enjoy Nintendo’s past and future offerings on the Switch.

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Source: Sam’s Club