AND Red dead online player posted a scary video of their friend appearing to be possessed by demons during melee combat. Red dead online it’s a playground where anything can happen, but it will surprise even the most experienced players.

Red dead online is unique due to the versatility of the game’s sandbox, which allows for crazy moments to happen. There was one recently Red dead online a clip that showed a horse attempting a backflip, and even that doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary for what’s possible in the game. This coincides with the Rockstar games. There are many people who even still play GTA 4because its 2008 physics engine is more advanced than many games released in 2023. This is an impressive level of preparation for the future, and hopefully Red dead online can have a similar level of longevity even without regular content updates.


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A video from Redditor Riven_Hourglass is a scary watch. It begins with the player fighting with their friend, but as they break away, a supernatural force knocks them to the floor and out of sight. There are many glitches in Red dead online, but it doesn’t seem to be one of them as there is nothing that could be causing the problem. It’s not even a lag, and there’s nothing delayed to suggest it might be, so it looks like this odd situation will remain one of the game’s unsolved mysteries.

Oddly enough, there have been a lot of supernatural occurrences in the game lately. One Red dead online The hacker even turned the player into a UFO, but at least this particular situation actually has a clear answer. There are so few options in this clip that make sense that demon possession almost seems like one of the most plausible options available.

Gamers who keep playing Red dead online keep hoping for new content update from rockstar. Support for the game has officially ended, but that didn’t stop players from taking their wish for granted. Whether this will ever be realized remains to be seen, especially given the current work GTA 6 is currently the studio’s focus. In the absence of actual content, it was interesting to see how the player base reacted. One of the main steps for many was the transition Red dead online role play through services such as RedM. Of course, these are not official Rockstar servers, but they are more actively moderated, with more frequent updates and a passionate community. If Red dead online to survive, the likes of RedM may see themselves as crucial to this.

Red dead online currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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