After Disney Dreamlight Valley players have completed a new story quest and unlocked Olaf, soon they will also receive new friendship quests from him. Just like with other characters Disney Dreamlight Valleyplayers will receive new quests from Olaf as they level him up.

The first quest offered by Olaf, A Place for Joy, opens when Olaf reaches level 2. In this quest, Olaf is looking for a way to bring joy to others in the village, and he needs help to do so. Here’s how players can complete the A Place of Joy quest.


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Talk to Olaf


When choosing a quest, Olaf will talk about his attempts to bring joy to Mother Hotel and Scar. None of his attempts have been successful, and he needs help collecting some of the items he’s going to give away. For the next step of this quest players will need to find three salmon, four red bromeliads, four white lilies and one blue lily.

Salmon can be caught from white circles on both Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau. If players are having trouble catching any salmon, they can also get it from Moana’s boat if they have completed the desire to repair it. The Red Bromeliad is a flower found on the Sunlit Plateau. Both white and blue lily can be found in Frosted Heights. Blue Passion Lilies are less common than their white counterparts, so players may need to wander around a bit before they find one.

Return to Olaf


When all these items are found, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will need to find Olaf and give him items. After a short conversation, follow Olaf as he rushes to give Gothel’s mother her present. It doesn’t go too well because Olaf mixes up the gifts and gives her raw salmon instead of flowers.

Give Olaf Scar’s gift


After Mother Gothel’s reaction to her gift, the players have to give Scar his gift, as it probably wouldn’t end well for Olaf if he delivered it himself. Naturally, Scar doesn’t like the flowers he gets and asks for Disney Dreamlight Valley for the players to tell Olaf to stop bothering him. From there, head to the bridge in Sunlit Plateau and wait for Olaf to arrive. He realizes that his attempt to bring joy has ended horribly, and he needs to try a different approach.

Collect memory


As Olaf thinks about what to do next, a glowing sphere appears nearby. Take it to see a picture of the past where Olaf entertained the other villagers by putting on plays and telling stories. After seeing this flashback, Olaf remembers how he used to entertain others by putting on plays in front of Oblivion. The only problem is that the stage was destroyed at some point and now players have to create a new one.

To create a scene, players will need collect 18 conifers, craft four ropes and four iron ingots. Finally, talk to Minnie to see if she has any fabric you can use for the curtain. Coniferous wood can be collected from the ground in the square, in the quiet meadow, in the forest of valor, and in the meadow of trust. There is a rope made of eight fibersand iron ingots are made from five iron ores and one coal ore.


finally, find Minnie and talk to her get fabric Fortunately, she has an extra on hand, and nothing is needed in return. Once you have the fabric, go to the nearest crafting station and use the materials to create a Scene. Go up the stage to Olaf and this quest will be completed.

Disney Dreamlight Valley now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.