A new poster for the upcoming Netflix movie Example has just released a new look at the animated fantasy adventure film. by a film based on the comic book series of the same name ND StevensonIt is scheduled to be released on Netflix on June 30, 2023.

The new film tells the story of Nimona, voiced ChloĆ« Grace Moretza shapeshifting teenager targeted for assassination by the knight Ballister Blackheart Riz Ahmed. However, his efforts are complicated when he is accused of a crime and must rely on Nimona to save him. In fact, he may be the only one who can. recently released trailer for Example gives us an action-packed vision of an animated film it’s not like any other movie. The film took a rocky road to release, It was canceled at Disney before Netflix picked it up in 2022.


The new poster shows the film’s protagonist, Nimona, standing with arms crossed in front of a collage of her work as a comic book artist. His wings are spread, and his tail floats around his knees. He looks at the viewer with a satisfied smile. An image of Ballister Blackheart can be seen at the bottom of the frame. Twinkling lights change the stage lighting shining on the umbrella Nimona. The poster features the tagline “a new hero takes shape”, a reference to Nimona’s shape-shifting abilities. A new poster gives us ours first looks at the long-awaited film.

example poster


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A new era for animation

A picture from the movie came out yesterday. A look at the chaotic dynamic between Nimona and Ballister. The film is one of many animated projects in recent years to challenge the near-ubiquity of Disney animated features over the past decade. And with success Super Mario Bros movie and Minions: Rise of Grudoors seem to be opening for Non-Disney animated projects.

Film director Nick Bruno and Troy Quan has a script by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor. The film is from Annapurna Pictures. You can watch Example It will premiere on Netflix on June 30, 2023. Check out the new poster above and check out the teaser trailer below.