Minecraft players have noticed a strange detail about achievements in the Xbox edition of the game. Achievements were presented for the first time Minecraft back in the 1.5 beta update in April 2011 and continued to be updated as Mojang added new content to the game.

Achievement is not a big focus of modernity Minecraft experience and were added during a period when achievement systems still seemed to be the selling point of games. Of course, they are not superfluous, but the majority Minecraft players will be focused on using their creativity through incredible builds rather than achievements. To this day, players continue to amaze with their wonderful creations in the game, with one Minecraft the player even creates a giant map of his world using smaller cards. This continued creativity of the community is a big reason why the game has remained so popular for such a long period of time.


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In a post online, Redditor ThatOGMan1 realized that in the Xbox version Minecraft, only 61.72% of players completed the “Inventory” achievement, which is achieved by opening your inventory with a single click of a button. It seems unbelievable that anyone could even play the game without opening the inventory. with Minecraft being one of the most popular games on Xbox Game Passperhaps players who download the game through the service also contribute to the interesting statistics.

Players on the chain had their own theories about how the odd stat came about. The most common theory is that Xbox achievement tracking includes every player who bought a game, even if they never played it. This could significantly skew the numbers and make a lot of sense. Others have pointed out that players are using MinecraftCreative mode will have achievements locked, so this will also exclude anyone who used the game exclusively in creative mode.

More than ten years after it was released, Minecraft retains incredible support from developer Mojang. Future Minecraft Update 1.20 has the potential to be the biggest content drop for the game in a very long time. Release next month Minecraft legends shows that the developer also continues to work to ensure that the series is always looking to expand into new genres, following in the footsteps of titles such as Minecraft dungeons and Minecraft story mode. It remains a great time to be a Minecraft fan, and the franchise still sits atop pop culture as the best-selling video game of all time.

Minecraft now available for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and legacy platforms.

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