One lucky person pokemon the novice managed to find an incredibly rare find after the first launch of the game. The main concept behind Nintendo’s beloved RPG franchise is to collect as many Pokemon as possible, and there are many rare creatures that can only be found in certain locations or under certain conditions. Although the majority of examples an extremely powerful legendary Pokemon who live in many different regions pokemon in the universe, some lesser creatures are just as hard to find – as the ever-elusive shiny variants.


Shiny Pokémon variants have been a part of the series since its second generation, though they only took on the name in an official capacity starting in Generation 4 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. These alternate versions of existing Pokémon are often depicted as differing in color from the typical members of their species, and players have about a 1 in 4,096 chance of encountering the Pokémon in the wild. Nonetheless, shiny pokemon are quite popular and in demand, and some fans have even created shiny versions of Pokemon that no longer exist, like Eevee.

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While the majority pokemon players have to put in a lot of effort to get a shiny pokemon, one newbie trainer recently managed to get one after only taking the streak for the first time. Reddit user heyladswhatsup admits he’s never played pokemon as children, but they caught a rare Shiny Ducklet on their first run Black Pokemon. Other users in r/pokemon congrats to heyladswhatsup on your incredible luck, some have noted that the Ducklett in question also has the Pokerus virus, making it even rarer.

The list of rare shiny Pokemon variants has recently grown release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet last year, which brought fans to the European-inspired region of Paldea on a new mission to collect Pokemon during one of three storylines. However, there are still plenty of shiny Pokemon to unlock for now Scarlet and violetPokerus, which makes the recently caught Ducklett heyladswhatsup especially rare, has been removed from the game.

Regardless, heyladswhatsup’s brilliant Pokerus-infected Ducklett is an incredibly lucky find, especially for those with only just started playing pokemon for the first time. One can only imagine what other amazing discoveries this new Pokemon trainer might come across as he continues his journey Black Pokemonconsidering how quickly they were able to encounter the elusive brilliant.

Black and white pokemon available for Nintendo DS.

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