A new horror movie about gnomes is being developed with Stranger Things producer Sean Levy and the writers of Ant-Man and Asp.

Gnomesa horror film about murderous gnomes is currently in development Strange things producer Shawn Levy. Levy is also known for directing recent blockbuster films, including one with Ryan Reynolds. Human project, A free manand upcoming Deadpool 3. He hasn’t dabbled in horror often, but he’s preparing an upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s thriller. boogeyman.

Per Submission deadline; termination periodSony is developing a feature adaptation of the Dutch short film Gnomes By Richard Raaforst and Ruvan Heggelman. A director is not currently attached, but Levy is set to produce alongside his 21 Laps cohorts Dan Cohen and Dan Levine. The screenplay is currently being written by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, who previously collaborated on the film. MCU Journey Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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A brief history of screen gnomes

Sherlock gnomes in front of a woman who is afraid

Gnomes are not an unknown presence in film, not even in horror. In fact, they have been featured in 2015, including Indian horror films Gnome alone Played by Verne Troyer. However, the mythological creatures were largely ignored in favor of their lesser relatives, trolls, elves, and goblins.

To see gnomes on screen, you usually have to look at the kitsch classic, the garden gnome. Garden gnomes have been the focus of several major films, including a 2011 animated duology. Gnomeo and Juliet and 2018 Sherlock gnomes, comedies that bring classic literature to life using sentient garden gnomes. Also, the other major gnome outing was the 1967 Disney live-action film. Gnome-Mobile.

Gnomes have also made non-star appearances in various fantasy properties on page and screen including A story that never ends. While gnome films are unheard of, Sony has clearly identified a gap in the modern film landscape. If you have to see it Gnomes may capture the chaos of the original short film, but regardless, it will be unique.

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Source: Deadline