AND Halo Reach The player discovered a strange detail about one of the iconic vehicles of the series – the forklift. The vehicles in Halo have always been an important part of the franchise, and it’s interesting to see that there’s still a lot of quirk to be discovered in them, even in the older titles.

The forklift truck was first introduced as a controlled vehicle in Halo Reach, and it instantly became a cult. Not because it was particularly useful, but because it wasn’t. He had no weapon and could not be shot. It only made it all the more fun to throw out a bunch of Covenant grunts, dooming them to death by the forklift. It would eventually become the basis of the series and remain a hilarious meme in the community.


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Redditor EricisEricButNotEric noted that the loader in Halo Reach actually completely submerged in water. During the game a custom game in Halo Reach, they are blown into the water at Forge World. However, instead of dying immediately, they sink to the bottom of the ocean and can continue to move by submerging themselves in the water. It’s not clear exactly how this works, but some thread members have speculated that the forklift continues to operate due to the lack of protective barriers in the area. This is certainly a strange problem, and if this is the solution, then perhaps any other solution Halo Reach the car is also completely submerged.

Thanks to the physics engine of games in Halo series, the vehicles have always been the subject of some strange glitches over the years. There was even one Halo Infinite bug that allowed players to control the Warthog while in the gunner’s seat, which makes no sense at all. It can sometimes be frustrating for players to die due to a physical glitch beyond their control, but there’s something about it Halo it feels like it’s an integral part of the experience. It just wouldn’t be the same without him.

The Halo The franchise had a rough few years after launching Halo Infinite did not impress longtime fans of the series. For many, patience has run out with the developer 343 Industries, which the studio is currently working on Halo longer than the series creator, Bungie. Despite fan outrage, 343 Industries continues to innovate Halo Infinite with new content, bringing it up to the standard expected at launch. There were rumors about the studio’s continued involvement in the franchise at the beginning of the year, but after some personnel reshuffles at the developer, those rumors died down.

Halo Reach now available on Xbox 360 and via Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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