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Wine, betrayal, sabotage and family squabbles: sounds like a typical day in the Toussaint region. This region of Witcher 3 is unlocked with the Blood & Wine DLC, and while you’re there, you can help out several residents with various tasks, including this quest called Father Knows Worst.

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During this quest, you will have to fight several powerful poisonous enemies, help solve the mystery of a father’s last wish for his warring sons, and ultimately decide how to end this feud – with words or swords.


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How to activate

map of Toussaint

As with most witcher contracts, you can activate this quest in a number of ways. The first is this look for a message titled “Armed Escort Wanted!” looking for help on the Beauclair message board. Another thing is to come across the cave where the quest takes place is called Albert’s Grotto.

When you approach the cave, two men will run out of it shouting for help. They will tell you that the cave is full of monsters and their brother didn’t get out like they did. You can ask them a few questions to get more information, but they won’t be much help. They don’t really give you a good reason for being in the caves and can’t really describe the monsters found inside.

You can bargain for a better price for your services as usual with a contract quest. Next, you will need to enter the cave.

In the cave

Albert Grotto

Go into the cave and move south until you reach a slightly larger room. Take out your silver sword and prepare for battle, because there really are monsters here.

Don’t forget that cat potion can help you see better in caves.

Geralt will have to face Kikimori, which are similar to Endrega, but slightly stiffer. They can deal damage with poison, which increases the level of toxicity, making it difficult to use potions and potions. The Golden Oriole potion can come in handy as it helps resist poison.

Igni and Quen are also good options. After dealing with these insects, it’s time to move on. Walk along the corridors and keep your eyes on the collapsing wall. Go here before searching for your missing brother. You will come across a fork in the road. Head south at the fork and you’ll come across some more Kikimores. After defeating them, you can continue your quest for a Place of Power.


the witcher feels that the father knows the worst

You can turn north and use your witcher sense to find the woman’s body. You will also find the note “Letter to Martina Kriska”, which explains exactly what is happening here. It seems that Hugo and his brothers were equal heirs to their father’s business, but the three did not get along very well. As a result, the father broke the distiller into three pieces and hid them, ostensibly in an attempt to get the warring siblings to get along and cooperate to find it.

From there you can hunt for the missing part or Hugo. If you’re looking to prove your honor in the Can Only Be One quest, you should first find Hugo.

Continue exploring the corridors using the Witcher’s sense until you find a discarded sword and a trail of blood. Follow this trail to Hugo, who will tell you the same story as in the letter, but in his own words. Apparently, the other brothers decided that it would be better to split the profits in two, and tried to remove Hugo from the equation.

If you have already found the missing part, you can return it to Hugo for 150 experience points and 100 crowns. However, if you haven’t, you can choose between finding him now or leaving him and escorting Hugo out of the cave.

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Find the missing part

father still knows the worst missing part

There is a hot spring in the cave, and the missing part is at the bottom. Spring is so hot, really, what it will hurt Geralt when he goes in there. Using Quen will protect you, but only for a limited time, so you’ll have to try to be quick.

If you choose not to dive for the lost part yourself, the other brothers will somehow find it when you return to the cave entrance. However, given the fact that you get some experience and money for returning the piece, we recommend you dive.


father knows the worst

When you exit the cave, Lucien and Auguste, the other brothers, will be waiting for you, presumably with additional hired help. Looks like they decided to finish off Hugo. Hugo will ask you for protection, and you will have to make a choice.

If you choose to fight, you’ll have to deal with a handful of level\ 36 hunters and the Hugo brothers, though they can’t be killed and will simply be stunned by your blows. Hugo will thank you for your service and you will receive 150 experience.

However, if you decide to spare the brothers and their thugs, you can get the three siblings to settle matters with words. The brothers will reconcile among themselves, you will receive wisdom credit in the quest “There Can Only Be One” and you will receive 150 experience points and an additional 300 crowns.

The location of the brothers

smart clogs witcher 3

If you choose to settle things with words rather than violence (obviously the better of the two options, all things considered), you can find the three brothers later. All three will head to The Clever Clogs, a tavern near Lebioda’s Gate in Beauclair.

They will bury the hatchet and their business will obviously thrive. Now Hugo will become a merchant, and, interestingly, will buy you some items that many other merchants won’t, including crossbow bolts and monster materials.

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