AND Pokemon Snap the player created a photo station similar to those available at Blockbuster Video stores in the late 1990s to print images from the Nintendo 64 game. Pokemon Snap was the first pokemon A game that allowed users to take photos of their favorite pocket monsters, but printing them out in real life was a challenge without special photo stations.

Pokemon Snap was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. Unlike previous games in the franchise, the goal Pokemon Snap is not about catching different Pokemon and fighting them, but about taking the best photo of these cute creatures. Players then collected these images into a virtual album and could print them in real life using photo station kiosks located in Blockbuster Video stores. Success Pokemon Snap led to the release of its sequel New Pokemon Snap in 2020, allowing a new generation of players to discover this record in pokemon franchise, reminding older gamers of their Nintendo 64 days.


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Nostalgic Pokemon Snap A player known as thefieldsofdawn shared various photos on Reddit of his latest creation, a replica of the Pokemon Snap Station that was placed in Blockbuster Video stores so that players could print their photos from Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium Nintendo 64 cartridges. This replica looks just like the original models, with a screen to display images, a printer to collect the desired photos, and a manual for using the device. Thefieldsofdawn explained that this replica was made from a vinyl-wrapped wooden box and a Canon Selphy photo printer. This Pokemon Snap Station is five feet tall and can print screenshots from Nintendo 64 games using the screenshot function of the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch.

In the comments on the Reddit post, players asked if they could purchase this copy of the Pokemon Snap Station. While its creator has stated that the kiosk is not for sale, they have promised to share the assets and materials needed to create a replica for anyone who wants to make their own. Despite being over two decades old, Pokemon Snap still garners a loyal base of players who are nostalgic for the original pokemon game and new fans who learned about the experience thanks to more fresh New Pokemon Snap.

Players who would like to rediscover the original Pokemon Snap without having to connect the Nintendo 64, it is possible to go to Nintendo Switch Online as Pokemon Snap available with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. New Pokemon Snap offers an experience similar to the original game, but with more modern graphics, different creatures, and no ability to evolve Pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon Snap available to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers.

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