Idol‘s recent protest could have a major impact Euphoria Season 3. The Writers’ Union strike began on May 2 and has been ongoing ever since. It has had a huge impact on television, including late-night shows SNL, has had no new episodes since then and has been forced into reruns. This was also affected by shows that are currently off the air but are in production. Euphoria is one of the shows hit hard by the strike. The series aired its second season in early 2022 and announced that a third season would arrive in 2024.


However, if the strike does not end soon, the series could be pushed back again. Meanwhile, showrunner Sam Levinson is promoting his new series. Idol, which is already facing controversy. For the first time, Levinson faced protests due to extreme nudity Euphoria and for conflicts with Barbie Ferrera, which led to her leaving the show. Euphoria It’s been a long time since his last season and he’s in a tough spot Idol controversy is driving fans further apart. No opportunities available Euphoriait may look good now and things could get worse.

Euphoria’s Season 3 delay may lead to Idol’s cancellation

In Euphoria Season 2, Rue is withdrawing

If Idol’s premiere won’t win fans over, it could be bad Euphoria. It depends on how much the studio values ​​Levinson. At some point, Euphoria was on top of the world and everyone is talking about it. Unfortunately, since all the behind-the-scenes drama, especially with the rumors, the anticipation for the new season has been less. a Euphoria time jump It messes up the appeal of the show and the many unfinished storylines.

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Push back again Euphoria only diminishing its importance. In addition, if Levinson’s reputation deteriorates Idol will be more controversial with its premiere. If he doesn’t do well, it will be difficult for Levinson to recover or be taken seriously in the future. If he doesn’t create useful content for them, the studio may decide to let him go.

Why Idol is Trouble for Euphoria Season 3

Idol has been accused of underestimating its female lead and relying too much on shock value. Idol In addition, Levinson and The Weeknd were accused of having a toxic work environment, among other issues, because he took too many female views. All this drama is bad Euphoria because Levinson runs the show, and if fans don’t like him, they’re less likely to tune in to his show. Also, the studio may not want to continue Euphoria 3 seasons if Idol very negative attention. Levinson’s controversial shows may prove too controversial to continue in the future.