For a long time in Minecraft, one of the least interesting biomes to visit was the desert. While there were always hidden temple treasures or fun desert villages to be found, the lack of creatures specific to the region hurt players’ interest in it. However, that all changed with the latest update.

related:Minecraft Biomes in loot ratingMinecraft renewal 1.20 added some intriguing aspects to the desert world in the game. Archeology is made possible with a new brush item, and there’s a lot to discover in suspicious sand blocks. But even more intriguing is the new mob, the Camel, which has changed its face Minecraft desert forever.



7 Camels are desert dwellers

Minecraft 1.20 Camels

Camels in Minecraft can be found players wander the desert, especially sitting in desert villages. Villagers seem to keep camels the same way cats are found in villages full of garbage Minecraft worldwide, one of the most magical additions to the game.

Camels can survive anywhere Minecraft and should not be contained exclusively in their biome of origin. This is good because players may want to take them to various other locations because of their primary ability Minecraft.

6 You can ride camels

Minecraft player camel camel

Camels are the newest top available in Minecraft, and they are unique for several reasons. Camels can be ridden by simply attaching a saddle to them, no taming is required as players must still participate if they wish to saddle a horse Minecraft.

Even better, camels are the perfect situation for a tandem bike Minecraft, as two players can ride a camel at the same time. This is a huge addition to Minecraft, as boats used to be the only way for multiple players to travel together at the same time. Riding camels is the primary function available to these creatures Minecraft and it’s incredibly helpful. The player in the front seat always drives the camel, and the back seat cannot be used if there is only one player on board.

5 Camels are surprisingly tall


Camels are a huge advantage in many types of battles. While players can often be attacked by various mobs while riding other mounts, the camel is different. The camels are so tall that when the player sits on one of them, the player cannot be attacked by enemies of normal height in Minecraft.

This means that while driving through the desert, if creatures like zombies try to attack the player, they won’t be able to deal with it. They also usually don’t attack the camel the player is riding on, meaning the player is completely safe from these types of creatures. There are other creatures that can be more of a problem, for example the creeper can explode and probably damage both the camel and the player. An even bigger advantage is that with the sword, the player can still attack and hit creatures that are on the ground.

4 Camels eat cacti

Minecraft Cactus

Camels are very convenient for players who try to feed them well, at least while traveling with one place where they live. Cacti often spawn in deserts and are generally not the most useful items Minecraft since players can’t eat them, but get pain from them.

related:Games with complex ecosystemsHowever, the possibilities of cactus plants increased dramatically with the introduction of camels, since camels exclusively eat cacti. Be careful, even if it is natural food for the camel, they can still get hurt if they come across a cactus, the plants need to be mined and fed to the camel player.

3 Camels can be bred

Minecraft Baby Camel

Camels are a very easy mob to play Minecraft, especially because in villages where camels live, there is usually more than one sitting. If players want to create more camels to ride or keep as pets, a baby camel can be made very quickly and easily, similar to how horses are bred.

All a Minecraft If the player wants to breed a camel, it is necessary to bring two camels together and feed them both a piece of cactus. Once this is done, the two camels must come together and create a new baby camel, which will grow to full size in about ten to twenty minutes.

2 Camels don’t do much

Minecraft Camels Relaxing

Like horses and alpacas in Minecraft, the camel doesn’t have many uses other than the ability for the player to ride it. If a camel is left to roam freely in the world, it will walk aimlessly and occasionally sit on all fours for a few seconds.

Camels are pretty boring when left to their own devices, but since they can be ridden, players have a lot to enjoy with the new mobs. Fortunately, being a mount means they still do more than some another Minecraft mobs like Axolotl.

1 Camels are completely passive

Minecraft Live 2022 Camels Mount Mechanics

Some mobs are included Minecraft somewhat passive, but still capable of attacking the player if provoked, such as an alpaca. Despite the similarity of nature with the alpaca, camel crowd in Minecraft is completely passive and will never attack.

Camels have decent health and regeneration speed after being fed a piece of cactus. There is very little point in killing camels as it will drop a few experience orbs, but the camel can’t drop anything other than potentially a saddle if it was in it at the time of death.

Minecraft Update 1.20 was released on March 2, 2023 and is currently available on all platforms with Java and Bedrock Edition.

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