Early reviews for Adam Driver’s latest sci-fi adventure, 65, Written and directed by filmmaking duo Scott Beck and Brian Woods, the screenwriters are responsible for creating the iconic creature feature. Peaceful place, 65 Drive sees you take on the role of an astronaut from another planet that crash-landed on Earth 65 million years in the past. Also too young to join Driver on this journey Avengers: Infinity War star Ariana Greenblatt, who also finds herself at the mercy of a prehistoric planet teeming with dangerous predators.

Critics are now starting to share their thoughts 65, and the consensus is that the film is largely a derivative and unusual work. While many critics still praise Drive’s conscience as an action hero and leading man, 65 years slow performance ultimately accused of wasting a building with enormous potential. Check out some of the early reviews below:

Depends on: One detail proves that the 65th Jurassic World’s best dinosaur fix continues

Benjamin Lee, The Guardian

Maybe if it was really terrible for everyone on Twitter, it would at least be remembered when it quickly landed on the plane to the film loop, but with a good 65 and a little less change, we would never have enjoyed it. waiting

Frank Sheck, The Hollywood Reporter

(V) what at the time might have been a perfectly lifelike B-picture looks cheap compared to the sci-fi blockbusters of recent years. (After all, how do you keep them on the farm after they see? Jurassic period The world?) Although 65 “Driver” boasts of burning dinos with cool high-tech weaponry, which Jeff Goldblum no doubt appreciated.

Todd Gilchrist, Diversity

Given its title, it’s hard to know which details in ’65 will be surprises or spoilers — and anyway, the movie tells you right away when and where it’s happening. However, what it does not do is tell you what for happening; Beyond its stardom, this is yet another story about an overworked father neglecting his child in order to secure his future.

Manuel Betancourt, AV Club

Aiming to be a thrilling survival thriller, 65 rarely surprising. With only two characters to talk about, the stakes are pretty low. What 90-minute movie loses one of its leads in the middle of its runtime? So every new creature that attacks Mills and Koa becomes just an exercise in cheap, weightless thrills.

Bob Strauss, San Francisco Chronicle

Beck and Woods create suspense, evoke terror and act on stage, but not with the formal flair that Krasinski often displays as the director of A Quiet Place. One of ’65’s producers, ‘Evil Dead’ maestro Sam Raimi, seems to have influenced the film’s climax simply by its outlandish bug gags and over-the-top nature.

All these are done well enough to attract the minors and young men. However, she’s not as interested in anything as Welch’s fur bikini was a million years ago.

Carla Hay, A mix of culture

The sci-fi movie ’65 may have had a big studio budget, but it’s an insignificant and embarrassing footnote in Adam Driver’s career. What was he thinking signing up for this bad and stupid movie? It’s a collection of really good movies like Jurassic Park, A Quiet Place, and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Whang Yee Ling, The Straits Times

The tone of the story lacks consistency and urgency – and the most interesting thing is that the couple never needs to eat. It’s also bananas for a B-movie fantasy that combines space and time travel.

What 65 reviews tell us about the movie

65 Adam driver movie

In spite of himself in time Star Wars universe, Driver is perhaps best known for the author’s collaborations with filmmakers and for tackling more unique fare than the usual box office fare. However, his involvement in this latest film sees him leave behind his sensitive roles in favor of portraying a more generic action hero. With a clear and simple rationale, 65 had to be the perfect vehicle for delivering nail-biting action sequences and slick special effects.

But alas, if early reviews of the film are any indication, 65 including the film’s recent marketing campaign has fallen well short of expectations Super Bowl trailer It reminded me of Ridley Scott on purpose A foreigner. While most critics still continue to praise Driver’s performance, it doesn’t seem to be enough to rescue the finished product from B-grade mediocrity. A number of critics have also pointed this out 65the inevitable comparisons of Jurassic World It doesn’t do the film any favors with significantly lower budgets and less experienced directors behind the cameras.

Serving as the directorial debuts of Beck and Woods, 65 It wouldn’t be described as a complete disaster, but the pair are far from receiving the same praise they’ve received for their work. Peaceful place. Meanwhile, it is scheduled to open against a this weekend more awaited release, Scream 6Regardless of what the critics think, it will be interesting to see if the general audience supports the film.

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