It is a well-known fact that Remedy Entertainment, the studio that produced the classic film Max Payne names, Alan Wakeand CONTROL is working on many upcoming titles along with the highly anticipated ones Alan Wake 2. These games, in particular, are Control 2 and Project Condorand publisher 505 Games provided information on relevant budgets and production lines.

Both Control 2 and Project Condor is essentially a sequel to the critically acclaimed Remedy CONTROL. Inspired by the likes of SCP, Area Xand other various strange media, CONTROL created a new base of success for the developer, allowing the studio to both tie it back to its previous releases and expand upon this new unified universe with subsequent releases.


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According to a recent financial report by 505 Games owner Digital Bros, CONTROL over 3 million copies have been sold in the past three years, bringing in €92 million in revenue. The budget of the game was a relatively meager 30 million euros, ie CONTROL a very successful output and a stellar starting point for the future of Remedy Connected Universe. Exputer also noted that the same financial report showed 505 Games allocated budgets for further Remedy titles. It is noteworthy that the developer will have €50 million Control 2whereas cooperative multiplayer branching Project Condor an additional 25 million euros of investment was allocated.

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Another important thing to note in this regard is that both of the aforementioned games will be developed using Remedy’s in-house Northlight engine, which has received significant updates for the 2019 release. CONTROL. This means that 505 Games’ investment can yield even more than before. All in all, things seem to be looking up for Remedy Entertainment. Earlier in 2023, the studio offered some information about development Alan Wake 2 and future Max Payne remakes, and everything seems to be lining up quite neatly.

Alan Wake 2 should launch in 2023which means that neither is likely Control 2 No Project Condor will be demonstrated in great detail shortly. However, since these games all exist in the same universe, fans of Jessie Fayden and her strange adventures in the Oldest House will have something to look forward to regardless of which game Remedy releases first.

Meanwhile, those who want to return to the universe CONTROL for another playthrough might want to look at mods made by players to improve their next playthrough. In particular, the recent one CONTROL mod improved DLSS and ray tracing features by a significant margin, helping to push the game even further beyond its already impressive graphical fidelity.

Control 2 currently in development by Remedy Entertainment.

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Source: Exputer