Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Every year the Impy Awards celebrate you, the Dreams community, and all the incredible work you’ve done inside and outside of Dreamiverse. This is the absolute highlight of our year to host a show celebrating the last year of Dreams, and that’s exactly what we’re planning to do with the 4th Annual Impy Awards early next year.

Today we are pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 4th Annual Impy Awards. This year, you can submit yourself or your dreamer friends to any of our 23 categories. They will then be shortlisted and presented to a jury (and as per tradition some of them will be open to community votes!). You can start applying right here.

When it comes to our categories, we love getting feedback after every Impy Awards and evolving them to better represent all areas of Dreams. This year it seems like we made it to the final list! So, without further ado, here are the categories for the 4th Annual Impy Awards:

  • Creator/Team of the Year: This Impy recognizes the creator or team of creators who have shone the brightest in the Dreamiverse universe over the past year, creating creations that captured the attention of dreamers and left them wanting more.
  • Creation of the year: This Impy celebrates an outstanding creation released to Dreamiverse this year. This superb creation excels in many areas and creates an amazing experience that will be recognized as one of the best in the Dreamiverse universe.
  • Excellence in Artistic Direction: This Impy recognizes a creation that exhibits a professional, consistent level of quality and style in its visuals and art design.
  • Excellence in Environmental Art: This Impy recognizes the strongest environmental art in Dreams, showcasing amazing resource design, world building, and unusual use of lighting and styling.
  • Excellence in Storytelling: This Impy recognizes creation with compelling storytelling, showcasing story and plot development with the utmost craftsmanship.
  • Excellence in Sculpture: This Impy recognizes the sculpture in Dreamiverse, which is a masterful example of the potential of Dreams’ sculpting tools.
  • Excellence in Animation: This Impy recognizes the creation with the best movement in Dreams, whether it’s a puppet, a short film, or a well-crafted in-game animation.
  • Excellence in gameplay: This Impy recognizes creation with well-honed, masterfully executed ideas and gameplay mechanics providing a truly great gaming experience.
  • Most original gameplay: This Impy recognizes a creation that displays truly original and unique gameplay mechanics.
  • Excellence in Character Design: This Impy recognizes a well-crafted Dreams character with a high level of personality and originality.
  • Excellence in Audio Design: This Impy recognizes creation with creative and well-realized sound design.
  • Excellence in Voice: This Impy recognizes the creator who voiced the creation at a high level. This may include but is not limited to voicing a character or narrating a scene.
  • Excellence in Virtual Reality: This Impy recognizes the creation of Dreams VR, which reproduces the VR experience superbly and is a brilliant example of what is possible with Dreams creation and VR tools.
  • Music track of the year: This Impy recognizes a great piece of music composed and created in Dreams.
  • Musician of the Year: This Impy recognizes the creator of the Dreams sound who has demonstrated excellent understanding of the sound instruments in Dreams while producing high quality music. This may be, among other things, individual music or scores for games.
  • Community Star: This Impy recognizes an outstanding member of the Dreams community who has gone above and beyond for the wider community. This award can go to a streamer, curator, podcaster, fan site creator, editor – someone who exemplifies a Dreams champion!
  • Most Helpful Dreamer: This Impy recognizes the human contribution to spreading knowledge through the Dreamiverse. Whether it’s streaming, collaborating, in-game tutorials, community conversations, or other work, they’ve helped other dreamers reach their full potential.
  • Joint cooperation: This Impy recognizes a community run event that invites other dreamers to collaborate together to create something amazing.
  • Dreamer’s Breakthrough: This Impy recognizes a dreamer who joined Dreamiverse in 2022 and made an impact on the community and Dreams through their creations, contributions to the community, or both!
  • Contribution beyond the dream: This Impy recognizes a member of the community who shares and celebrates the Dreamiverse beyond Dreams. This may include, but is not limited to, blogs, video production, streaming, and podcasts.
  • curated star: This Impy recognizes a member of the community with the best collections and contributions to highlight creations in Dreamiverse.
  • Innovation in creation: This Impy recognizes a creator or creation that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with Dreams’ tools, whether it’s by finding a unique use for the tools or developing an original idea that pushes the boundaries of creativity.
  • Developing experience: This Impy recognizes a creation in the Dreamiverse that has changed significantly over the past year, even if it was started back in the Dreams beta.

I’m not bragging, but we’ve got something very cool plans for the 4th Annual Impy Awards. We’re not quite ready to reveal their mystery just yet, but keep an eye on our social media channels and in-game messages for the latest on everything that’s happening with the Impys! Until then, go nominate!