Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

An absolute honor

Iranian striker Karim Ansarifard has declared it would be an honor to play in front of female fans at the World Cup – after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, women were banned from entering large stadiums.

Ansarifard said, “It is definitely an honor for me, for my country, for my people, for my teammates, for everyone. It is definitely an honor whoever comes to our stadium, regardless of our father, older brother, man or woman.

β€œIt is always an honor to represent our country, we play for them, we play for all men and women in our country. There are no exceptions when I say people from our country. These people include all men and all women.

“It’s always an honor for me, an honor for my teammates, there are absolutely no exceptions. I just wanted to thank you for raising this question.

“With all due respect to all the fans around the world, Iran has one of the best fans, supporters, all over the world.

“All Iranian fans around the world are known for being very passionate and very loyal to teams, not only to the national football team, but to all national teams, even at the club level, we have very passionate fans, they are famous for that and we are proud of that”