Tue. Nov 22nd, 2022

World Cup: daily update from day 2 in Qatar

France faces off against Australia to start their World Cup defense in Qatar, and Kylian Mbappe is shouldering the pressure after the champions suffered multiple injuries to key players during formation.

Karim Benzema joins N’Golo Kante, Paul Pogba, Christopher Nkunku and Presnel Kimpembe on the sidelines before the opening game.

Didier Deschamps still has plenty of firepower and Olivier Giroud could even increase their chances of winning as a dedicated forward given the team’s history in this tournament.

Australia will be inspired by the shock of Saudi Arabia against Argentina, because here they are trying to quell the sadness by being heavily oppressed.

Follow all the action at Al-Janoub Stadium with our live blog below:


Mexico 0-0 Poland

Halftime: Goalless at time-out. Still, Mexico is at the top.

Alexis Vega (left) and Jakub Kaminski fight in Mexico v Poland

(AFP via Getty Images)

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:47


Mexico 0-0 Poland

45 minutes: Only two minutes of extra time in the added World Cup – a rare occurrence indeed.

Mexico can’t count corners for the first time today, but then they hold on to the ball.

They’ve had the lion’s share for a while.

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:47


Mexico 0-0 Poland

45 minutes: Lozano collapsed as he entered the Poland penalty area and seeks a free kick.

None are awarded, but the ball is rolled onto the attacking Sanchez, who explodes his shot on goal!

Szczesny reacts well to pass the ball over the crossbar!

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:45


Mexico 0-0 Poland

44. minute: Mexico’s star man hit the ball very well with a sharp diagonal from the right wing towards Lozano.

Some good interactions follow, but the move breaks down in the Polish box.

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:44


Mexico 0-0 Poland

40 minutes: Mexico is playing short on the corner again and this is the wrong choice. They lose control as they try to run the ball along the edge of the Polish penalty area before completely losing it.

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:40


Mexico 0-0 Poland

38 min: Lozano rolls in a low center from the right, but gets stuck by the retreating Polish defence.

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:39


Mexico 0-0 Poland

35 minutes: Poland has not made the most of Lewandowski so far. He didn’t serve enough, and when his teammates gave him the ball, the shots weren’t clean enough.

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:35


Mexico 0-0 Poland

Alexis Vega meets the ball for Mexico against Poland.


Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:32


Mexico 0-0 Poland

31st minute: Poland made the long throw and Mexican goalkeeper Ochoa took the ball into the penalty area.

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:31


Mexico 0-0 Poland

30 minutes: Poland will take a free kick near the midfield line following Sanchez’s foul and a long ball will be sent into the Mexico penalty area. Still, he moves away and Poland throws in right flank.

Alex Pattle22 November 2022 16:30